Under the current MDHHS Order beginning March 5, and expiring April 19, 2021, some meetings may be held in person if no more than 25 persons are present and the township can still meet the spacing/distancing requirements. Note you cannot turn a person away from open meeting of public body per OMA, so if more than 25 persons attend, the meeting must be ended.

Board Workshop
5:00 p.m. March 16, 2021

Board Meeting
7:00 p.m. March 16, 2021

Planning Commission – Public Hearing
7:00 p.m. April 14, 2021       S&S Collision Site Plan Review Public hearing
7:00 p.m. April 14, 2021      Arnold Lake Properties Rezone Request Public hearing
7:00 p.m. April 14, 2021       Zoning Ordinance Amendments Public hearing
Planning Commission meeting – Immediately following the public hearings