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Sept 2017

September 19, 2017

Supervisor Acton called the General Meeting to order at 7:00 p.m. at the Hayes Township Hall, 2055 E. Townline Lake Road.

Pledge of Allegiance was recited.

Members present Supervisor Acton, Trustee Buckley, Treasurer Rood, Trustee Haley, and Clerk Hoyt
Public Comment
Jim Gelios - Clare County Commissioner
Kim Kennicott, Manager - Clare County Airport 
Mike Haley - Harrison District Library

Motion Acton/Buckley to approve Consent Agenda
Unapproved minutes
i. August 15, 2017(General)
Bills to be paid
Bills paid prior
Treasurer report
Sheriff report
All ayes, Motion carried

Department Reports
3581 Mostetler Rd. Possible zoning issue, notice has been sent to the owner of the property
New Election equipment has been received

New Business
Motion Buckley/Haley to terminate contract with Tru Green.  All Ayes, motion carried
Motion Acton/buckley to approve cost for Clerk to attend QVF training Oct 12 & 13 not to exceed 225.00 for Clerk (includes 2 nights lodging and mileage).  All Ayes, motion carried
Motion Haley/Acton to approve cost for Treasurer to attend MMTA (Michigan Municipal Treasurers Association)  Oct 9-11th not to exceed 780.00 (includes membership, conference, 2 nights lodging and mileage).  All Ayes, motion carried
Motion Acton/Hoyt to approve Cranberry Lake blacktop project in the amount of 60,500.  All Ayes, motion carried
Motion Rood/Acton to accept Hayes Township L-4029 2017 Tax Rate Request as prepared by James VanWormer, Hayes Township Assessor.  All Ayes, motion carried
Motiin Acton/Buckley to approve phone for Zoning Ordinance Officer.  All Ayes, motion carried
Supervisor Acton spoke of needed jeep repairs and will provide repair estimates to the board
Treasurer Rood is exploring a possible recycle office paper/magazines/catalogs in collaboration with the City of Harrison
Supervisor Acton will work with local contractors on the following repairs 
i. Properly ground sign
ii. Change outlet on water fountain
i. Middle Michigan Development Corporation Quarterly meeting October 18, 2017

Public Comment

Motion Buckley/Haley to adjourn meeting.  All ayes, motion carried.  Meeting adjourned at 7:37 p.m.

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