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Sept 2014 Minutes



                     UNAPPROVED MINUTES, SEPTEMBER 16, 2014  

7:00 P.M. Meeting called to order by:  Supervisor Terry Acton 

Pledge of Allegiance:  Respected and said by all in attendance 

Roll Call of Officers:  Terry Acton, Maye Rood, Lee Dancer, John Scherrer, Nancy Austin 

  Absent:  none 

Public Comments: 

Jim Gelios: County Commissioner  At the September meeting, 7 excellent & well qualified 

people interviewed for the position of Road Commissioner.  Approval for that position went to Julie 

Lightfoot, with having 20 yrs experience with the Saginaw Road Commission plus she was the 

Secretary/Treasurer of the County Road Commission.  Feel free to call Tracy Byrd, County 

Administrator, as she is available to handle questions anyone may have regarding the 

County, including Animal Control. 

Office Pat Bolander met with Stan Lewis the Neighborhood Watch Coordinator to go over the 

Stats regarding their efforts to improve Hayes Township safety. Forced Entry (home properties) 

have gone down from 16 last year to 10 so far, Larceny has gone up a little, Traffic stops increased, 

property checks were up to 71 this month.  Terry Acton interjected that he has less ORV complaints,

the increase of Officers Patrolling the areas are helping a lot in that respect. 

Pat Agin: The Fire Chief brought pamphlets regarding carbon monoxide dangers and home fires.

Always maintain chimneys and never use kerosene heaters for heat within the home.  November

18th ,2014 General Board Meeting, Mr. Agin will return with more information on Fire Safety. The 

officers budget seems to be alright at this time. 

Jack Kleinhardt: of the Road Commission explained the process of getting speed road signs posted. 

lack of road signs is due to the process, which includes a traffic study by the State Police in problem

areas, radar needing to be done by a local official, Lansing gets the report, then the Clerk and 

maybe a sign is approved.  Those who drive should definitely know the speed limits already, 

as part of obtaining a drivers license is knowing the speed laws, therefore signs do not need

to be posted everywhere. Speed is 25 mph,on side streets, not 40 mph. 

Animal Control:  Director Dave Gendregske gave a report on complaints on dog issues. Terry

Acton stated that only two men need to cover a huge area aof 578 sq. Ft.  Questions asked about

a “no kill” status for animals, but Dave said that leads to more problems of not have enough room

for all the animals. The State has not passed the law. Dogs have been adopted out at a faster pace now,

but cats are not. Constant barking dog issues are covered under the Township Ordinance & can

be reported to the police and Rod Williams of Ordinance in Hayes Township.  Complaint needs to 

be filed on a complaint form that’s in our office. 

Consent Agenda:  

August 19th , 2014 ,Unapproved Minutes of General Board Meeting, Bills Paid, Bills 

Paid Prior, Treasurers Report, Sheriff’s Report. Motion by Terry Acton to accept, 2nd by Lee Dancer,

All ayes, M/C.  

Ordinance Dept:  Rod Williams, Director.  Report that 3 to 4 letters a week sent re: barking dogs and blight. 

  Three hearings held on dangerous buildings. Two were sold and new owners working on them,

 3rd one still being processed.  Second week in October, new hearing is set on more dangerous buildings. 

 84 zoning permits issued so far this year for additions, pole barns, new business bldgs.   for a permit

 to build, for permit to build if caught after the fact.  Blight is monitored by pictures and 

 written notice.

Unfinished Business:  

 Maye reported on USDA grant of ,000 for the new kitchen. Township has passed the first round and 

 usually that means the grant will be received. Maye also needs Board Approval that if Grants are 

 available she has permission to go ahead and apply for them.  Terry added that another grant is

 available thru Consumers Power for ,000 that they are working on.  Maye added that her and 

 her staff have worked on the retention program on all the papers filed in the Civic Center dating

 back to 1980 and have retrieved many files that need to be kept.  Her staff has also taken care of 

 446 people who payed taxes at the office during the past 8 days and handled 1717 transactions. 

 People from 4 other townships came in to our office to pay their taxes or ask questions but those 

transactions could not be processed thru our office.  Her staff has gone above and beyond in 

their work. Plus the Audit is coming and being prepared for. 

Terry Acton said that bids have gone out on the new construction and October 14th has been set 

@ 7pm. At the Community Building on Grant Avenue for a meeting.  Bids will be looked at

and not just the low bid will be accepted, other things like quality of work will definitely be looked at. 

Mann Construction has been working on this diligently.

Office Work Schedule:  Terry Acton explained that we need to be open 5 days a week, we are 

usually here on Mondays anyway, which is our day off . A Special Board Workshop will be needed

before the General Board Meeting to discuss this. Our Salary is ,500 for the year now @ 24 hrs a

week, adding another day could/may increase the pay.  It would come out to .22 an hour x the

6 hrs on Mondays. We all work more than 24 hrs a week and are donating our time now.

Ordinance:  Rod Williams request to cut work hours to 2 days a week during the winter. Ordinance 

does not go away but this is also due to budget reasons. He will be on call if needed. Motion by Maye

Rood that from November 1st, 2014 to May 1st, 2015, Rod work 6 hrs a week on Zoning & Ordinance

6 hrs a week plus on call, if needed. And from May 1st, 2015 thru October 31st, 2015 he work 12 hrs a 

week for each position. Motion 2nd by Terry Acton, All ayes/ M.C. 

Selling Township Stuff:  Maye Rood stated that the Civic Center needs to be emptied for construction

purposes. After discussion of yard sale, auction.or craigslist, .Motion made by Terry Acton to have yard

sale on Sept. 27th, 2014 Saturday, with Thursday and Friday selling available & handled by our office, 

2nd by Lee Dancer, all ayes, M/C.

New Business: 

Lake Board Appointments:  Terry Acton said that Lee Dancer resigned from the Lake 

Improvement Boards that he has served on for many years.  Terry Acton made motion that he, himself,

will serve as Township Representative. Second by Lee Dancer, All in favor, M/C. 

Resident Representative for Cranberry Lake:  Vickie Buckley has volunteered for this none 

Paying position.  Terry Action made motion to accept Vickie Buckley as the Cranberry Lake 

Representative, 2nd by Maye Rood, All in Favor, M.C.

Sutherland Lake Township Representative:  Terry Acton stated that Austin Gates has resigned 

from this position and that Mr. Terry Collins was interested in it.  Terry Acton made motion to

accept Mr. Terry Collins as Sutherland Lake Township Representative, 2nd by Maye Rood, 

all in favor, M/C.   September 29th meeting, Monday @ 9 a.m with Little Long Lake and @ 1:00

with Sutherland Lake will be held with Terry Acton attending. 

Title Insurance: Maye Rood explained two deeds need to be done to show clear title for the construction.

Terry Acton made motion for approval for Maye Rood to move forward to accept lowest bid from 

Title Companies,  2nd by Lee Dancer, All in Favor, M/C. 

Resolution 14-06:  Maye Rood made motion to open a separate checking account with MFCU 

for the treasurer to use for the construction with to open said account as required.

2nd by Terry Acton.  Roll Call: John Scherrer, yes, Nancy Austin, yes, Terry Acton, yes, 

Maye Rood, yes, Lee Dancer, yes.  M/C. 

Road Bid:  Terry Acton explained the Road Bid.  John Scherrer said it was an excellent bid. 

Area covered will be corner of Eberhardt and Hamilton, Hamilton to Ball Rd., Old 27 to 

Harrison Avenue.  Terry Acton made motion to go ahead with the Road Project as quoted. 2nd by 

John Scherrer. Roll Call:  Maye Rood, yes, Lee Dancer, yes, John Scherrer, yes, Nancy Austin, yes, 

Terry Acton, yes.  M/C. 

Maye Rood made note that Neighborhood Watch was having a cook out before the meeting this 

Thursday on the 18th with the meeting to follow @ 7p.m. The Prosecutor will be attending to answer

questions on how cases are handled in the Court System.

Public Comment: 

A Resident stated he heard roamers of a New Hotel and New Pharmacy.  Terry Acton and Maye 

Rood explained that Budd Lake Motel and Babes have been approached with offers and that

Marathon Gas station will be demolished and rebuilt on the corner. A Hotel may be in the works 

for Hayes Township.  Macleans has sold all prescriptions to Rite Aid but will remain open as 

a merchant instead. Walgreen and CVS are looking into property in Harrison. Walmart is going

into Clare and creating about 300 jobs. Clare has all of it’s businesses open and is ready 

for the change. A roundabout will be constructed at the North end of Clare also.

Adjournment:  8:40 p.m.  Motion by John Scherrer to adjourn, 2nd by Lee Dancer, all ayes, M/C. 


Nancy Austin/ Hayes Township Clerk 

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