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July 2015


7:00 p.m. Meeting called to order by:  Terry Acton 
Pledge of Allegiance:  Respected by all 
Board Members Present: John Scherrer, Nancy Austin, Lee Dancer, Terry Acton Maye Rood.
Absent:  none 

Public Comments: 
George Gilmore, State Representative, Republican Nominee running for office in next election.
He stated his platform and hoping to replace Joel Johnson as his term is expiring. 
Sheriff’s report:  Deputy Dawson and Deputy Sharp introduced themselves and spoke about their patrolling of Hayes Township and some of the patrol runs they have experienced.
 Jim Gelios:  County Commissioner:  A lot of budget meetings going on.  Board of Commissioners will be having one meeting a month instead of the regular two.  The new meeting will be on the 3rd Wednesday of each month.  The Clare Michigan Mental Health Facilities had an open house. He explained the budget and the services provided.  The State is putting the counties into different regions.  Clare County will be with 7 other counties into Region 5, south of here with Midland and Isabella other southern counties, so we will see how this works out for the next 9 months and then it will be reviewed.  Previously our county was with northern counties.   Terry brought up the fact that we were looking into the Counties  I.T personnel to serve our township and provide better services in many areas.
Truegreen respresentative , John Fox, explained his services regarding the Soccer Field care and also the cemetery, although the cemetery has never been treated.  The Board will consider these services at a later date for the cemetery. The soccer field is already being Treated and we appreciate John’s time to explain the treatments being provided for insect control and weed control. 
Police Dept. Report:    Terry commented that burglaries were up.  Police are paying a lot of attention to Hayes Township and patrolling here more.   Blight citations are also being issued in the township by the police and this helps our Ordinance Director Rod Williams.  
Consent Agenda:   Motion by Terry Acton to approve the consent agenda, 2nd by John Scherrer, All in favor, M/C. 
Ordinance and Zoning Dept:  Rod Williams not present.  Terry Acton spoke about different blight problems, people sleeping in trailers in different sites every night in the township and how to prevent this from happening.  Rod is working on a grass ordinance too.  He is handling between 50 to 70 cases at this time, some involving the attorney.  Rod is handling the larger cases and Terry is helping out with the smaller cases. Terry is working with MSHDA for a grant to double the money for blight.
Unfinished Business:
Cemetery Ordinance:  Cid will present more information at the next meeting for us to vote on. 
New Policy Book:  Terry explained we will be working on one chapter a month until finished.

Printer:  Maye Rood explained that the I.T.  people questioned why we had so many different printers and recommended that we go wireless and cut the cost. 
Condell Realty:  Terry made motion that we sign with Condell Realty to sell the Community Building and Fir Park for the townships benefit. Motion supported by Lee Dancer.   Maye Rood said we would pay the 6% commission but would withhold the commission if purchased by two previous buyers interested that Maye had shown the buildings to.  All in favor, M/C. 
Grass Law:    Terry Acton explained that Jim Van Wormer, our assessor and township supervisor in Richfield and they sent out 150 letters to people who have not cut grass and that the township only had to cut 8, the letters were successful.
Waste Management:  Terry explained that they were doing a great job.  But they seem to be having  Corporate trouble and our services have been failing as we all are aware of.  Many phone calls are coming in and Terry has been out to pick up trash with his truck too to help with the problem.    Another company will be coming in to talk to Terry about the services they can provide.  
Public Comments: 
Bill Matthews was in to hear about our blight problems as it’s something he is interested in in many areas.  Constitutional law issues come into play here.    Thirty days has to be given to those receiving blight citations to clean up.  An inspector is sent out on some of these and then it will go to court for serious violations of broken windows, no doors and etc.
Recycling Program:  Maye Rood had reminded everyone that Hayes Township and the City of Harrison are having a Recycling Day, September 19th at the City Park from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. and more information will be provided for the public to be aware of this.  Shredding of important papers and paper will also be provided and shredded at the time you are present. 
Brining of the Roads:  This is becoming expensive and will be discussed in future meetings. 
DNR Representative:  She explained that volunteers will be needed to help clean up the county in different areas.  More information will be provided in the near future as this is to happen in August as soon as a date is set.   
7:45 p.m. Adjournment:  Motion by John Scherrer to adjourn, second by Lee Dancer, all ayes, M/C

Nancy Austin/Hayes Township Clerk ________________________
July 21, 2015

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