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July 2014 Minutes

JULY 15, 2014 unapproved minutes 

7:00 pm:  Meeting called to order by Supervisor Terry Acton
Pledge of Allegiance:  Respected by all in attendance 
Roll Call of Officers:  Maye Rood, Terry Acton, Lee Dancer, John Scherrer, Nancy Austin
    Absent:  none 
Public Comments: 
A. Sheriff John Wilson: Gave an up to date report of 3,078 incidences in Hayes Township from 
   January until present time on:  Traffic crashes, 341 traffic stops, 356 property checks, fraud  
   complaints,17 drug investigations, 76 ORV Complaints, 310 civil and non criminal complaints, 
   48 motor assists., 124 warrant attempts, plus other reports. 400,000 ahead on revenue from
   the jail. 170 inmates is average count,with 70 being local, others are rentals from Fed, State, 
   MDOC and that brings in great revenue. Gladly ,No fatal accidents, no drownings, no boating 
   accidents.  Two new Ford Explorers were purchased as Patrol Cars with 4 wheel drive. 
   Budget has been submitted.  ORVís are a problem, in certain areas. Numerous
   tickets have been issued, someone did go to jail. ORV problem is a high priority 
   and steps will continue to help the community. Log on to Joel Johnson e-mail and make 
   suggestions for him to move on this, like license plates for ORVís and snowmobiles so they
   can be identified like automobiles are. 
B. Jim Gelios: Report on: outdated computers being replaced, a new elevator at the jail, the Child
   Care Fund budget for children in Foster Care and itís cost, the county is responsible for 20 
   Children out of 62, the State takes care of the other 42.  Dogs are an issue with no dog
   licenses being updated which is a loss to the County, dogs running loose that are a danger 
   to the public. A solution needs to be found before a child is attacked, many 
   officials are working on it. Residents want Animal Control to get a handle on dogs running
   loose and not enough dog tags being purchased.
C. Ed Garver: of Road Commission gave report on Road Restrictions during frost laws. Special   
   Public Meeting with all Township Supervisors will be held to discuss the road problem and 
   ways to prevent damage. Dates for these meetings will be posted in the paper and on line by 
   the Road Commission so the public can attend.
 Consent Agenda:  John Scherrer made correction on June 17th report , line D of extra word to
   be eliminated and Maye Rood made correction of Election Commission to be taken off agenda.
   Motion to approve Consent Agenda by Terry Acton, Second by John Scherrer, all ayes,M/C
 Departmental Reports:  
   Rod Williams of Ordinance Dept. made report on 13 zoning permits, 16 violations,  
   1 Citation, 3 dangerous bldgs., destruction of, cost and process of. 
 Unfinished Business:  Maye Rood updated information of new map of Cemetery, excellent design
   made by Cid Jones. 
 New Business:  
Nancy Austin brought up new contract for Heintz Heating regarding the Community Bldg.
rates now verses last year.  Will Call will be at 1.89 verses last years l.74 and the fact
that the Community Bldg. will be closed eventually. First fill will be @ 1.89.
Motion by John Scherrer to accept the contract as Will Call, 2nd by Terry Acton, all ayes, M/C.
 Board Requests: 
Nancy Austin made requests that recent pay raise for Karen and Cid be retroactive. Motion by 
Terry Acton to accept, 2nd by John Scherrer, all ayes/ M/C. 
Maye Rood requests an office assistant for her backup since her deputy clerk may be taking 
off some time.  Maye Rood requests Debbie Hoyt, a retired financial director.  
Starting pay of 10.75 with re-evaluation in 90 days. Motion by Terry Acton to accept, 2nd by 
John Scherrer, all ayes, M/C.
Nancy Austin requests pay compensation for Kathryn Decker of 150 for the many hours 
she devoted in helping Nancy with the elections. Motion by Terry Acton to accept, 2nd
by Lee Dancer, all ayes, M/C. 
 Public Comments: 
Terry Acton commented on ORV problems and efforts being made to correct it.
Local residents are offenders, some are downstate residence. It has to be posted on State Land for
 ORVís or tickets will be issued.  
Maye Rood commented that the Neighborhood Watch meeting is July 17th, with Nola
Hopkins speaking, monies to be raised for Neighborhood Watch. 
Maye Rood commented on the Clare County Canine Unit Fund Raiser, August 10th at the
Moose Lodge, spagetti dinner @ 6.00 a person, fund raiser is for a new Canine, 
Rocky has to retire due to health problems. 
Terry Acton commented that his wife Sue Acton went through Sars Training 
           (Search and Rescue) with her horse and a scenario of looking for an autistic
Child was completed.  In the last 4 years ,our Mounted Division has been called on 
searching for 18 - 20 people missing in the woods.
Terry Acton is working with Rep. Joel Johnson to offering a House Bill on getting 
Mental Health records reported to the Nix System (used when purchasing a gun), to help
close some loop holes that this causes; even though he himself, advocates to carry.
 Adjournment: 8:25 pm. Motion by Scherrer to adjourn, 2nd by Dancer, all ayes, M/C.              
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