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June 2016sp

JUNE 02, 2016

10:00 A.M. Meeting called to order by:  Terry Acton 
Pledge of Allegiance:   Respected by all 
Roll Call:  Terry Acton, Maye Rood, Betty Laskowsky, John Scherrer, Nancy Austin 
Absent:  None 

The Board Members have met to close the USDA Loan on the new Hayes Township Munici-pal Complex.   Terry Acton made a motion to make the Final Payment to JBS Contracting, Inc. for the amount of 12,139.50 per Resolution #15-22, supported by Maye Rood.  Roll Call, ayes:  Terry Acton, Maye Rood, Betty Laskowsky, John Scherrer, Nancy Austin.   Nays:  None.   Absent: None.  The Supervisor, Terry Acton declared the resolution adopted. 

Jackie Morgan of USDA said that there is a Payment Performance Bond, and a Bid Bond also in place for the township if ever needed.  USDA will send a reminder every six months that the Interest payment is due on the loan and the principal payment is an Annual payment, due in October, 2016.  Jackie Morgan left the meeting after all necessary papers were signed to close the loan and Resolution #15-22 was in hand.   Jackie Morgan stated that the State Director would like to be present when the ribbon cutting is done at the Hayes Celebration/Open House.  The State Director is available on Friday, July 8th if this fits in with the Townships time line.  That date looked good and will be announced if all works out accordingly. 

Terry Acton said there was vandalism done on the walking path, the trail had been de-stroyed in certain areas and a sign was stolen. A Motion by Terry Acton to authorize a 250.00 reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the perpetrator, or if it leads to the person to come forward and confess, Supported by John Scherrer, all ayes, M/C.   Betty suggested cameras to be placed for security along the walking path in certain spots and Maye Rood responded that some money is still available for safety purposes.  This will be up for further discussion. 

A motion by the Township Clerk, Nancy Austin, to move the evening workshop to 10:00 a.m. on the 2nd Tuesday of the month instead of the 7:00 p.m. schedule.   This will still be held at the Township Complex, possibly more residents will show up, Supported by Terry Acton, all ayes, M/C. 

A resident, Bonnie, is interested in being an on call part time employee for secretarial or clerical help, just  one day a week , or 3 times a month if needed. 
The budget, at this time and in the near future does not allow for this, but the application will be kept on hand.  Terry and Maye remarked that extra help is not needed at this time. 

A special assessment for brining of the roads was discussed.  Attorney Fahey has gone over the paper work.  A Special Meeting will be held at a later date for all the residents to get the pertinent information.   It would be 18.00 for 3 brining’s, 24 for 4 brining’s a year.  About 4,300 residents who live on dirt roads would be affected if this goes through. 

Nancy Austin inquired about the possibility of Ash Acres being paved.  Terry Acton said the quote he received for run offs, ditches, culverts and the paving would be 2 million which translates to 600 a year for residents on the dirt roads for the next 10 years.   Value of homes would go up; or the roads could be re-graveled with ditches, run offs and culverts for much less.    The Road Commission does not want to do a peace of road at a time, but a person could get a petition to do a mile or so as with Lapham Rd. not being completely paved.

The flea market, Big Dicks was brought up regarding the name and plans that had been brought before the planning commission previously.  To be discussed at a later date.
 Complaints have been received at our office. 

The budget is being worked on presently and will be amended at the June General Board Meeting.  

Maye Rood mentioned the “walk through’s” for those who are interested in renting the banquet room/kitchen areas will need to be done after 3 pm, when the office is closed, due to the time involved. 

9:35 a.m.  Adjournment:  Motion by John Scherrer to adjourn, second by Terry Acton, 
                   All ayes, M/C. 

Nancy Austin/ Hayes Township Clerk 

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