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June 2015


7:00 pm       Meeting called to order by:  Terry Acton 
Pledge of Allegiance:  Respected by all
Board Members Present:  Terry Acton, Maye Rood, Lee Dancer, John Scherrer, Nancy Austin 
Absent:  None

Public Comments: 
Jim Gelios:  County Commissioner: Their Board Meeting is Wednesday.  A public hearing on the operating.  
Police Dept. :  Pat Bolander  Report that B&E’s were up.  Drug activity is up in the County.  ORV’s are tearing up the roads, ORV tickets have increased. 
Clare County Cleaver:  Diane Biery has replaced Anna McNiel,  attended our meeting and taking notes. 
Library Board:  Representative present to discuss Contract the Township has with them. 
She explained that the Fiscal year for them was changing, an Amended needed to the District Library Agreement needed to be done.  A new mileage won’t be due until the year 2019..  A lot of new reading classes for children are scheduled, computer classes are introduced for the summer also.  Lots of new events are planned so stop by or call the Library for an update.  
Clare County Transit:  Operation Manager was present and updated the information on their services provided to the public.  Curb to curb service, great drivers that accommodate the public who need help with wheel chairs, scooters, mobility devices, they are a life line to get to Dr. Visits, jobs. They start at 5:00 a.m.  Busy from 7 a.m to 8 p.m.
It’s best to call 24 hours in advance for better service.  People that are discharged from the hospital are also accommodated to get home if needed.  They are also the go to Emergency Evacuation and work with Jerry Becker.  They have accommodated the Fire Department by providing a bus for them to rest in and eat.  They work with the Sparks program for the children.  They also interface with other townships, from here to Roscommon, to Dialysis in Gladwin and other important areas.  Veterans are transported to Clare for their services.  A mileage is coming up.  It is a “renewal” not an increase and much needed. . 3 mils and again not and Increase, just a “Renewal” 
DNR:  Representative from Gladwin Office.  She spoke on Adopt a Forest.  A program to clean up the dump sites on State Land. Some on Mostetler Rd, right here in Harrison. Clare County and Gladwin Counts will have some dumpsters will be put in the areas for volunteers to fill, some in Redding Township.  Many sites were shown and will be put into a Signs will be put up to regarding 1000 fine if caught.  hubbardt@gmail.com. Suggestion from those in attendance to put a notice on Neighborhood Watch, in the newspaper, for some time in August, phone 989-426-9205 ext. 7611.  Photographs were shown of all the sites known as trash dump sites.  Volunteers will be needed for this project.  Only 2 conservation officers in Gladwin county, Clare county has only One Person. 
Consent Agenda.  Motion by Terry Acton to Accept, second by John Scherrer, all ayes M/C. 
Ordinance:  Rod Williams  Citations are up....The condemned mobile home on Cranberry lake rd., is scheduled to be torn down on 7-2-15.   Some others are also being scheduled for the same.  
Unfinished Business:  
Harrison District Library:   Resolution 14-26 read by Maye Rood.
The Amendment to the 
Hayes township hereby approve the 
Roll Call:  Motion by John Scherrer, supp. Maye Rood 
Maye rood, Lee Dancer, John Scherrer, Nancy Austin, Terry Acton. 
Heintz Propane Contract...no need to renew.  Bldg. will be either sold or for the winter.
JBS contract was approved earlier. 
Cemetery Foundations:  Motion by Terry Acton to increase the cost of foundations to .25 per inch, 2nd by John Scherrer, all in favor, M/C. 
Waste Management:  Terry Acton made motion to 
The large disposable carts from Waste Management will be available to rent for 24.00 a year and will be replaced at no cost if damaged in any way.  Other companies have been contacted for comparable prices and service and are not able to service the township properly.  So Waste Management will remain.
Rod Williams pay rate:  A flat hourly rate should be put into place after considerable research a small bump up in pay is in line.  Motion by Terry Acton flat rate of 18.50 an hour and based on 24 hrs a week, plus meetings of 40.00.  2nd by John Scherrer, all in favor, M/C. 
Road Commission:  Terry asked the road commission to check out and fix ...... 
Another brining is coming up soon before the next holiday. 
Ash Acres is being looked at to be paved if the homeowners are in favor of this. Signatures of 51% or more property owners will be necessary to proceed.  Meetings will be scheduled for property owners to attend for. Updates and ask questions.  
Computer service:   Jim Schuster from the County may be able to share IT services with our office.  I.T.  costs will be shared and another meeting will be set to take it to the next level.  WiFi will be set up in the new Community Building and accessible for the public.  Our previous I.T. person has done a good job but is growing fast is busy and we need quick access for our services, therefore we are looking into service from the County. 
Audit:  our audit is set for August 31st and we are getting ready as fast as possible. 
Office Staffing:  Maye Rood spoke on her Deputy Treasurer.  Although Cindy is excellent at her job.  Cathy Lockwood has been appointed as the New Deputy Treasurer, 
Nancy Austin has updated her office by hiring Deputy Clerk, Kathryn Decker as part time, and Cid will be manager of the Cemetery as she has done a superb job with the cemetery map on the computer.  She will have business cards ....... 
Motion by John Scherrer to adjourn, 2nd by Lee Dancer, all in favor, M/C. 

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