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May 2016




MAY 17, 2016

7:00 p.m. Meeting called  to order by:  Terry Acton 

Pledge of Allegiance:  Respected by all in attendance 

             Followed by a moment of silence in respect for the loss of Trustee Lee Dancer 

Roll Call of Officers:  Present:  Terry Acton, Maye Rood, John Scherrer, Nancy Austin 

Absent:  None 

Public Comments: 

a. Jim Gelios gave an update on the county bldg. re:  Heating, Roof, Parking Lot expansion, electrical pole being removed that folks seem to run into and some departments located downstairs area will move to the main floor for convenience to all, especially the residents.    He spoke of the budget and pensions, requirements and the Union negotiations, MERS and that they are in a deficit of 5 million for the pensions but they have to comply with what the courts and the union demand, they will get it all worked out. The purchase of 9 more patrol cars recently was for the safety of the officers,   the Animal Control Dept. will be closed for a short time due to improvements to the shelter.   

b. Terry Acton explained that Officer Jim Piwowar was not present, but Terry has not seen much of a police presence lately in the township.  Some residents said that they have seen them cruising in the township in different areas, so that was good to know.  

Officer Jim Piwowar was able to make the meeting later and reported that they have been quite busy 

with arrests due to meth and other happenings, including squatters. These incidents have diverted them somewhat from cruising down the side roads lately, but they will be back to their normal routine shortly. 

c. Carrisa McClure, President of the Harrison Soccer Team along with Betsy Ulicki, VP of the Soccer Team, where in attendance to update us on the registration progress of the children, their future plans and that they will be using the Soccer Field once again here at the Complex.   Registration was going on now in May at the Library, no late registrations will be processed.   Games are played on Sundays for the convenience of parents to attend.  The soccer team is now their own entity and will be having fund raisers, always need volunteers for the concession stand and other projects.  One of the players, age 18 was able to go onto college because of his scholarship of being on the soccer team.  

d. Road Commission Representative:  Spoke of the some of the roads to be repaired with chip and seal and others that will need to be regraded for better service.   Terry Acton spoke once again of Ash Acres being paved and that a special meeting would be held here at the complex to explain the procedure and requirements to do with 51% of home owners to agree.   Brining of the roads was certainly another subject with Terry Acton explaining about a S.A.D. that will be brought up with the pros and cons of that procedure with 79% of home owners on (dirt roads only) needed for approval.  In 2004 the cost for brining was 13,000,now it is up to 80,000.  Property taxes that come in are only 82,000, if 80,000 for the brining of the roads is paid, that only leaves 2,000 to run the township, which obviously doesn’t work. The brining of the roads cannot come out of the General fund as it had been in the past and should not have been.   25% of property taxes were also lost due to foreclosures, plus 30% of revenue sharing money gone.  

e. Consent Agenda:

a. Unapproved minutes for 6 meetings, Bills to be paid, Bills paid prior, Treasurer’s report and the Sheriffs Incident Report were presented.  Motion by Terry Acton to approve, supported by Maye Rood with exception of all the minutes to be approved at another meeting,  all ayes, M/C. 

Department Reports:  Rod Williams of Zoning and Ordinance was not available.  Terry Acton gave a synopsis of 

                     projects Rod has been proceeding with and a list of Zoning Permits issued or not issued was available. 

Unfinished Business: 

a. Pleasant Plains Cemetery had been sprayed by TruGreen for weed and feed and bugs.  This was 

approved by the board but will not continue due to the realization that it is  sandy soil and there is  no ability to water the lawn to keep it nice. 

b. The insurance policy for the complex was presented by Ken Lind, from Lind & Lind in Gladwin for 14,369.00 with excellent coverage for all buildings, with a small increase of just 50.00.  Motion by Maye Rood to accept the contract, supported by Terry acton.  Roll Call:  ayes:  Maye Rood, John Scherrer, Nancy Austin, Terry Acton.   Nays:  none.

c. The Rental Contract and the rates for the kitchen/banquet room, the gym and exercise room have 

finally been established.  Motion by Terry Acton to approve the rates and the contract (after one last approval from the attorney on the contract) , supported by Nancy Austin, all ayes, M/C. 

d. Zinser Plumbing & Heating, Inc. replaced all the filters in the air conditioner, all kitchen equipment, due to the construction dust and this is to be paid out of Contingency Fund.  Motion by Terry Acton to approve payment of 863.28, supported by John Scherrer, all ayes, M.C. 

e. The part time Custodian Position:   John Scherrer  and Maye Rood reviewed all applicant applications and  interviewed all of the applicants.   Motion by Maye Rood to hire Margaret Boyce for approximately 10 hrs a week @ 10.00 an hour with a raise of .50 after probation period of 90 days, supported by Terry Acton, all ayes, M/C.

f. Board of Review mileage payments for training classes.  Motion by Nancy Austin to make the payments retroactive to February, 2016 to cover training classes attended by two members.   Supported by 

Terry Acton, all ayes, M/C. 

New Business: 

a. The temporary Trustee Position will be re-evaluated at a Special Board Meeting in the near future.

Terry Acton said that a few people are running for that position since our Dear Trustee, Lee Dancer has

passed away recently.  Those people on the ballot will not be considered for the “temporary” position 

as it will create an unfair advantage for the others who are also running for it in the election.  Some names have come up for the temporary position and will be discussed and decided on at the Special Mtg.

b. Tom’s Pole building:  (Jensen Bridge & Supply Co.) fence for 4,400 for the south end of the  Hayes Complex  building being considered to prevent damage to the grounds by snowmobiles and other small 4 wheelers. A quote for a chain link fence will also be considered due to lower cost, suggested by John 

Scherrer.   This is tabled for a future meeting. 

c. Weldon’s Commercial Concrete Construction, estimate of 1,500 for 4 bump posts with covers for 

the front of the Complex will be tabled for another meeting. 

d. The Clare County Veterans requested to borrow the gym bleachers for the Wall of Tears Day.  Motion by Terry Acton to approve this action, supported by John Scherrer, all ayes, M/C. 

e. Township Budget – is on hold, still being worked on. 

f. May 18th, 2016 (Wednesday)  a Special Construction Meeting will be held to 

Board Requests:  None 


a. Middle Michigan Development sent a “thank you note” for the 3 year contract that they have with us.

Maye Rood said they are working on a large project now which will be disclosed at a later date.  

b. Terry Acton explained that MTA had sent over a new ruling on a Consent Judgement that will now allow

Townships and Governments to make informed decisions regarding local ballot measures so citizens can

be well informed as to what a certain proposals actually means before they vote.  Beforehand , it was not 

allowed for us to explain  a proposal that was on the ballot as residents are supposed to get the information from the newspapers , television.  We can now explain it in general terms but offer no opinion as to how to vote on it. 

c. A Special Board Meeting will be held shortly to nominate a Temporary Trustee as we have lost Lee 

Dancer and another trustee is needed on the Board.  Two people have stepped forward so far from the Planning Commission that are qualified.    Forty Five days is the guideline for us to nominate someone for the next 5 months of service.   Anyone else interested should step up and let us know.  A special Board 

Mtg. will be held regarding this. 

Public Comments:   A question was about when the “Open House” for the new building would happen.  Maye Rood 

     Had said possibly the week of June 1st, but the holdup is some things that still need to be finished.  

     Swipe cards to enter the building, some work outside and inside needs to be finished and it is getting close 

     to the end now. 

     Demolition sites were inquired about in the township.  Terry Acton and Maye had said it is best to get 

     the deeds signed over to the Township, it avoids legal fees and less expensive to have the house torn       down.  Once the home is in the Townships name, Federal Funds are available to help with the cost of the 

     tear down.  The legal side of it is somewhat complicated and the township tries to take the less expensive 

                     way to tear it down in order to save township tax dollars.   The County sometimes will take a home for a 

        tear down or deed it to the township to get it done.   Working together to get hazardous homes          demolished is everyone’s goal. 

     A resident inquired about doing something special in honor of Lee Dancer and the service he has done

     within the community for all these years.  Terry Acton commented that the township will be doing 

       Something, plus the showcase by the front door will also have some mementoes and his name there.

                    Others names and pictures of former board members should also be in the showcase along with Lee. 

8:05 pm     Adjournment:   John Scherrer made the motion to adjourn, supported by Terry Acton (in Lee’s name) 

    as Lee always was the person to 2nd it, all ayes, M/C. 

Nancy Austin/Hayes Township Clerk __________________________


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