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April 2016sp2

APRIL 18, 2016

10:00 a.m. Meeting called to order by:  Terry Acton 
Board Members in attendance:  Terry Acton, John Scherrer, Nancy Austin
Absent:  Lee Dancer, Maye Rood 

After discussion of the following items Motions were made:
Motion by Terry Acton to approve 830.50 for Bonham Heating and Cooling for work done, supported by Nancy Austin, all ayes, M/C. 

The wall and beam pads for the gym by Rogers Athletic and a power system for weight room were discussed. Approximately another 10,000 of equipment is still expected.    Motion by John Scherrer to approve 4,908.00 for padding and power system, supported by Terry Acton, all ayes, M/C. 
Terry Acton said that Zinser Plumbing & Heating was to install water filters for the ice maker, coffee station and beverage station, also to install a beverage backflow preventer, required by code, no quote available as of this date. 

The amending of the budget was discussed and the fact that the Clerk’s office is over budget along with a few other departments being really tight.  This is to be discussed further at an upcoming workshop and meeting. 

The Rental fees that were presented for the kitchen/banquet area were gone over.  Motion by Terry Acton to accept the fees presented, supported by John Scherrer, all ayes, M/C.   (Rental fees and policy to be added to the Policy Book) 

Invoice of 1,387.53 was discussed for the special oven with complicated commercial controls that was replaced with a less expensive and easier control panel.  Keep the new paper work for this cost on hand as we should not need to pay anything on this, JBS should be.  The warranties on all should go into effect when the building has complete occupancy approval.   Change order #7 cannot be voted on as it has not been received with final figures. 

Terry discussed the feasibility study by Rowe Professional Services for extending sanitary sewer system into the township.  This would be utilizing a USDA SEARCH/PPG Grant. Motion by Terry Acton to approve the project study for 4,638.00, supported by Nancy Austin, all ayes, M/C. 
10:22 a.m.    Motion by John Scherrer to adjourn, second by Terry Acton, all ayes, M/C. Nancy Austin/Hayes Township Clerk  ___________________

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