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April 2015

APRIL 21, 2015

7:00 pm Meeting called to order by:   Terry  Acton Pledge of Allegiance:  Respected by all
Roll Call of Officers: John Scherrer, Nancy Austin, Terry Acton,Maye Rood, Lee Dancer

Public Comments:
a. Jim Gelios: Mr. Gelios gave a short report tonight on the County Bldg.
b. Sheriff's Department:
Pat Bolander: Ambulance runs were at 20, property checks, less larceny complaints now. Body camera program for the officers is moving forward, traffic stops are picking up, ORV's are being watched, need cell phone videos on these in order to do something, so get clicking on wreck less acts with cell phones.
Good Job Pat Bolander ..we really appreciate you!
c. Waste Management: William Lewis, District Manager & Jason offered a proposal about changing the pickup date for trash from Monday to Tuesday in Ash Acres as all the routes run on Monday.
Trash on the east side of the freeway would be picked up on Monday and west of the Freeway would be picked up on Tuesday. The Board Members will look into the matter, talk to
residents but are concerned about this proposal and will convene again at our next Board Meeting on May 19th . Waste Management will work with the Board, certainly not wanting to upset the township residents, but is hoping to improve service.
Consent Agenda:
a.  Unapproved minutes of: March 17. 2015, General Board Mtg.March 26. 2015 Spec Brd. Mtg., April 6th, 2015 Special Board Mtg., April 13,2015 Election Board Mtg.
b .Bills to be paid
c. Bills paid prior
d. Treasurer's Report
e. Sheriff's Dept. Report
Terry made motion to approve the Consent Agenda, 2nd by Dancer, all in favor, all ayes.,M/C Department Reports:  Rod Williams/Ordinance and Zoning Director

a. Tear Down Trailer: Bid Proposals presented to Rod, but Resolution will be done at one time in a couple of weeks. Owner of Lapham and Cranberry trailer that burned down is removing it presently himself, doing a good job filling the dumpster. Linda, a township resident is concerned about small trailers coming in on properties with an existing homes, same lot.
Zoning should step in to regulate it. This is a violation Rod Williams always has on his agenda. The State makes it frustrating with rules and regulations. Progress is being made but it is unfortunately slow.
Unfinished Business:
a. Lind & Lind (Life Ins.) for employees. Terry Acton proposed that we eliminate the two life insurance policies to one and the lowest amount of insurance be accepted, Second by John Scherrer.   All in  favor, MIC
New Business:
a. Mezzanine paint bids are in and Terry Acton made motion to accept JBS Contracting Co, 2nd
by John Scherrer, all in favor, M/C
b. Camera Security System was presented for new Construction and our present office. Terry Acton made motion to accept 2nd by Maye Rood, all in favor, M/C
c. Cemetery Foundation costs presented by Nancy Austin. The Township is losing money on

foundation costs. Nancy has been comparing prices with other surrounding townships, there procedure and cost. The next meeting will contain more updates and hopefully a solution
to the loss.
Public Comments:
1. A township resident, Jim, commented on someone cutting down lots of trees in a certain area, leaving them and doing this for no real reason but malicious destruction of property. He is left witth cleaning up the mess. Terry and Rod to take a look at this illegal problem.
2. Linda commented on folks who bring sheds in on property, Rod does catch a lot of residents doing this. His legal procedure has to be to send them a warning that they must have a permit,
even after the fact. They have a short time limit to take care of it by getting the permit and  Rod follows up with a visit.
3. Another resident brought up problem of drainage on Lapham Rd, people driving on his lawn to avoid the bad road spots. Same resident brought up the condition of Lapham Rd., Re: a huge pothole thatís causing damage to automobiles and a potential for motorcycle accidents next to the lovely paved area of Lapham.  Terry looked into it already and Stan from our Neighborhood Watch Program is still looking into a petition to have all of Ash Acres paved, which increases the value of our property, safety and less wear and tear on vehicles. A special meeting will be held on this topic to hear from the township property owners. Advance notice will be listed on this meeting for all to be aware of the date.
There is extensive talk on this situation about roads in this county. The County used to get a 50/50 match which is not available now. The last one offered to Hayes Township was an 80/20 match,
NOT in the township favor.  Hayes Township can't handle that kind of expense. Bids are taken on work needing to be done to get the best service and price.
4. Maye Rood announced the amount that was raised for Anton. A total of 18,000 and thanked everyone who participated in any way with the fund raisers. She was out to get another few hundred from dancers and friends to make a 18,500 total for the family to pay for the dog, the long travel for Anton with his parents to train with the special dog who will help Anton get through life a little better. The cost of the dog alone is 8,000.00.
5. Maye also explained that a 2nd training course for the Planning Commission and Zoning Board of Appeals will be held this coming week. She had procured some webinar' s at a good cost of less than 400 that will be held at the Hayes Township Hall so no one will need to travel for training. This is a very cost saving program. it would have been over 14,000 if everyone had gone to well needed  seminars in other areas.  A substantial savings for the township in doing it this way.  14 webinar's were purchased for classes here for one year. Webinarís will also be for held for the Treasurerís office, Clerkís office, Office Assistants and Supervisor.
The Programs are beneficial for all members who attend. Plus Maye was also attending a
seminar next Friday for info on festival and events planning.
6. Tim Sharp was approved for a" special use permit" for a flea market in the old airport garage are he came in with full drawings, parking site, professional proposal, showing all pertinent information for the Planning Board to review.
7. Ken Hoyt was voted in as an alternate on the Planning Commission by Terry Acton, 2nd by Lee
Dancer.  All in favor aye, M/C
8. Kimberly Davis announced she is running for the County Clerk position in the next big election.
She has been a resident for over 30 years. She wants to get her name out there early for voters to remember and know that she is definitely running.

8:05 pm Adjournment: Motion by John Scherrer to adjourn, 2"d by Lee Dancer, all ayes, M/C Nancy  Austin/Hayes Township Clerk

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