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March 2016

MARCH 15TH, 2016

7:00 pm:   Meeting called to order by:  Terry Acton 
Pledge of Allegiance:   Respected by all in attendance 
Roll Call of Officers:   Present:  John Scherrer, Nancy Austin, Terry Acton, Maye Rood, Lee Dancer 
Absent:  None 
Public Comments: 
a. Senator Judy Emmons from the 33rd District updated us on the following subjects: 
Flint water situation, Detroit Public Schools, the Budget being worked on, Human Trafficking and 
That reporting of such has increased 16%, helping the law officials, and the Road Bill.   Good information was shared and questions were asked. 
b. Jim Gelios (County Commissioner) gave his monthly report and updates on the County Building and the jail.   County Building has retaining walls in the basement conference room that are buckling and some of the offices will be moving upstairs to another area.   The parking lot will be getting another row for parking.  The heating bill for the fiscal year of October to Sept, 2015 for the jail was at 39,432.00 and so far this year a third of the cost is at 3,800.92 with quite a savings so far.  The prediction for the whole year is to be approximately 16,000, which is an outstanding savings. 
c. Barney Ledford spoke about running for Sheriff here and his many titles of experience along the   way that he has accomplished.  Starting with being in the Army, he lived downstate in his younger days with his wife, started a family and had positions in the Sheriffs’ Dept. as:  Special Investigator Worked in the Youth Bureau, Helicopter Division, Road Sergeant, then Commander of the Helicopter Unit, and then Lieutenant.  After many years, they moved to Harrison and he worked as a sub-teacher, then as an Instructor in Criminal Justice at the College. He was Undersheriff for Sheriff Goyt for 12 years and then went back to the College to teach.  He obtained his Bachelors’ degree from Wayne State University. He is taking classes @ CMU presently.   His wife, Suzanne, works with RESD helping students in the Automotive Division to repair automobiles and she also works in the Math Dept.  Barney Ledford believes that drugs in the area can be fought with a Narcotics Officer who works with the Bayonet Division as they do superb work in reducing drug problems.   
d. Officer Jim Piwowar from the Sheriffs’ Dept. reported that he is busy in the township with the usual activities but things will get busier as the weather warms up, and he is prepared, nothing else out of the ordinary to report. 
Consent Agenda:
a. Unapproved Minutes of February 16, 2016
b. Bills to be paid 
c. Bills paid prior to the meeting 
d. Sheriff’s report 
e. Treasurer’s Report  Motion by Terry Acton to accept, supported by John Scherrer, all ayes, M/C
Department Reports:  
Rod Williams reported that folks are out cleaning and raking already as the snow melts, cleaning  up blight, some citations have gone out and then the height of uncut grass will be next as he drives’ around. Rod asked for approval of 400 to cover part of the cost of a meeting in  Grand  Rapids from June 19th to the 24th.  Another Township will cover the other half.
 Motion by  John Scherrer to approve part of the cost up to 400, supported by Nancy Austin, all ayes, M/C

Unfinished Business:  None 
New Business:  
a. Community Bldg. Leak in kitchen closet:  Motion by Terry Acton to approve Central Restoration 
 to the repairs and cleaning up of mold, insulate some pipes in the attic for 1,850.00, supported 
by Maye Rood, all ayes, M/C.    The building cannot be sold in this condition. 
b. New doors at the north end of the gym to segregate it from the kitchen/banquet area when 
being rented out.  This was part of change order #7 with JBS Construction, but they had not 
finished it and quotes will be coming in from other companies.  Tabled this for another meeting 
when quotes are  received shortly. 
c. Security System additions:  quotes for adding cameras and such to the interior to protect the public have not been received and this is tabled for a special meeting the same as the doors. 
d. Motion by Maye Rood to accept a quote from Towel Boys Co. for replacement of rugs on bi-weekly Program of 43.95 for summer months, to help protect the new floors, supported by Terry Acton, all ayes, M/C. 
e. A Sub Committee is needed to get the rates together for renting out the Gym and Kitchen Area
plus wording of a new contract for events of all types.  Motion by Terry Acton that he and Maye 
Rood be appointed to the sub- committee, with Stan Lewis and Deb Hoyt to be part of this,  
supported by Nancy Austin, all ayes, M/C. 
f. Insulation at the Community Bldg. is covered under section a, with Central Restoration approved.
g. The Road Commission Agreement regarding Townline Lake Rd. was received.  Motion by Terry 
Acton to approve, supported by John Scherrer.  Roll Call:  Ayes:  Terry Acton, Maye Rood, 
Lee Dancer, John Scherrer, Nancy Austin.    This is to topcoat Townline Lake Road from the Church on Grant Ave. to the west to the border line.  This should last 10 years.  Cost to Hayes Township Is 48,000, with the Road Commission paying the higher portion of 60% of the total cost. 
Board Requests: 
a. Nancy Austin discussed the fact with Jim VanWormer, that the Board of Review has never been paid mileage for traveling to a required training class.   Jim VanWormer, our assessor has brought this to the attention to the board.  Motion by Terry Acton to approve mileage for the Board of Review, supported by John Scherrer, all ayes, M/C.
b. A policy for maintenance men will be written up and for them to know who to report too, which will be the supervisor or other designated person.  A RFP was going to be posted for the clean up
of the Complex but the new building is staying very clean with the air filtration that was installed.
Aside from the maintenance men a custodial person or persons’ job description has been 
put in place. This is a part time position for when our offices are open for business.  An hourly wage position, with drug testing required and the employee will be bonded.  This will be posted in the newspapers. 
c. Terry Acton brought up the fact that someone has for 5 years now, been strewing hundreds of out dated papers on Arnold Lake Road, causing a mess each year and phone calls to our office.  The community has had enough of this. The papers are free papers such as the Clare County Review, Buyers Guide and Wheeler Dealer.  Therefore, a motion by Terry Acton to post a 500 
Reward, leading to the arrest and conviction of the person(s) doing this damage.  Supported by John Scherrer, all ayes, M/C.
Public Comments:
Terry Acton announced that John Scherrer will not be running for a Trustee position this year.  And those interested are welcome to apply.  
Robert Buckley also announced that he was running for a Trustee position with the township and will be circulating a pamphlet with information about his abilities for acquiring this position. 
Maye Rood announced that the Treasurer’s Offices will be closed from April 6th to the 15th.  This is a slow time for the office, no taxes being processed and time for a vacation. 
8:18 pm     Adjournment:  Motion by John Scherrer, second by Lee Dancer, all ayes, M/C. 

Nancy Austin/ Hayes Township Clerk _____________________

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