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Feb 2016

FEBRUARY 16, 2016

7::00 p.m. Meeting called to order by Terry Acton 
Pledge of Allegiance:  Respected by all 
Roll call of Officers:  John Scherrer, Nancy Austin, Terry Acton, Lee Dancer, Maye Rood 
Absent:  None 
Public Comments:
a. Jim Gelio’s updated everyone on the County Building and the repairs needed, such as the parking lot extension, elevators, roof, card readers to get into and out of the building, security updates and that the animal shelter needs heating and cooling updated.  A resident and employee inquired as to why the whole county building wasn’t secure for the safety of all.  She was directed to inquire with the sheriff’s department as they are in charge of all security.   The building for the Homeless Veterans in Clare is doing well.  The Veterans Administration has only a certain amount of these shelters in certain areas.  The owner is still applying for funding and the fact that parolees are housed there helps with the cost and with the re-entry program for the parolees (some of which are veterans).  One veteran was living in a camping trailer with no heat and little food, he now occupies a room at the shelter.  Mr. Gelios said that 75% of the parolees that have been in the Re-entry Program, stay out of prison and that is a high percentage compared to other areas. Parolees are not released in Clare County, they are returned to the area that they originally came from.   The County Airport still needs the landing strip to be repaired and a meeting will be held regarding that at the meeting on Wednesday at the County Building. 
b. Officer Jim Piwowar of the Sheriff’s Department gave his report regarding 
Warrants and other duties within the township.   Nothing has seriously changed.
c. Tom Winarski stopped by to announce that he is running for Joel Johnsons position
and he gave a detailed description about his education and experience. 
Consent Agenda: 
a. Unapproved Minutes, of January 5th,  January 11th, January 19, 2016
b. Bills to be paid 
c. Bills paid prior 
d. Sheriff’s report 
e. Treasurer’s report    Motion by Terry Acton to accept the Consent Agenda
as presented, supported by John Scherrer, all ayes, M/C. 
Department Reports:  Rod Williams was not present. 
Unfinished Business:
a. The roads were discussed; the bid from Michigan Chloride has remained the same with no increase on the contract.  Another bid was received but they are not able to accommodate the township at the right time.   Terry Acton made a motion to renew the contract for 2016 with Michigan Chloride for two brinings with a possible 3rd,  supported by John Scherrer.  Roll Call:  John Scherrer, yes; Lee Dancer, yes; Maye Rood, yes; Terry Acton, yes; Nancy Austin; yes.   M/C
Terry commented that a Special Assessment District regarding the roads will be announced in the newspapers and letter sent to each property owner regarding the brining as it causes the  General Fund to decrease.  It would be 6.00 per brining, or 18.00 per property for 3 brinings. 21% of the property owners could defeat the Special Assessment District if not they are not in agreement with the terms. 
b. Gym Floor up again for discussion as to how to keep them maintained properly. 
     John Scherrer made motion to order a portable rubber/partial flooring cover on special rack for 
                   5,500 and will be stored neatly in the gym, supported by Maye Rood.
                   Roll call:  Terry Acton, yes; Maye Rood, yes; Lee Dancer, yes; John Scherrer, yes; Nancy Austin, yes   
d. Equipment /Exercise Room:   Maye Road made motion to order a small list of commercial equipment with 5 year warranty for the exercise room from Rogers Athletics in Clare for 27,360.00, supported by Terry Acton.  Roll Call:  Maye Rood, yes; Lee Dancer, yes; John Scherrer, yes; Nancy Austin, yes; Terry Acton, yes    M/C     (donations from the following to be received: 5000 from Chemical Bank, 1000 from Waste Management, 1000 from MFCU, 500 from American Legion to help with the cost) 
e. Discussion of meetings to be posted in three areas for the public which would be on the following:  Exterior neon sign, exterior bulletin board and on the township website.  A resolution will need to be put in place for this next month, but it will start this week.   Postings have always been on the exterior neon sign and exterior board or main entrance glass door. 
New business:   None 
Board Requests:  
a. Nancy Austin, the Township Clerk, made her request for the township to pay the Election Inspectors 10.00 an hour for training classes that must be taken before the elections.  Classes are a refresher course and every two years a re-certification class is required by the state.   Motion by Austin for the 10.00 to be approved, supported by Lee Dancer,all ayes, M/C.     
b. Discussion by Nancy Austin to increase the pay from 30.00 a day to 50.00 for the Alternate Election Inspectors on Election Day  as they must be available all day in case another election worker can’t show up.   Motion by Nancy Austin for the amount paid to Alternates be 50.00, supported by Lee Dancer ,all ayes, M/C. 
c. Terry Acton made a motion for Prien & Newhof to prepare the Design & Engineering plans for roads between the lakes as soil boring has been done and the base is substandard, creating a lot of problems with flooding of the roads.  Supported by Dancer.  Roll Call:  Nancy Austin, yes; Terry Acton, yes;  Maye Rood,Yes; Lee Dancer, yes; John Scherrer, yes.  M/C 
d. Terry Acton mentioned that Maye Rood received from Consumers Power 10,000.00 due to the Energy efficiency equipment that was put in the new building, plus another 1,000.00 from 
DTE for the same reason.
Public Comments : 
  a. Terry Acton  brought up the Airport and that they are striving for Harrison City, Hayes Township and Clare County to be able to keep the airport open, good condition and hopefully fuel will be added to take it up a level for better service, a at a higher level where Federal Grants can be applied for more improvements.   The runway will be resurfaced this year due to much effort for an approved grant.
b. Terry Acton spoke about Stockwell Road possibly being paved thru to Old State by funds from Hayes, Greenwood and the County, with each being responsible for 1 mile of road.  Greenwood is to decide if they can handle their portion soon and the decision will be made final at that time.  
c. Terry also brought up Ash Acres possibly being paved.  A special meeting will be held for property owners and the public regarding a special assessment district and questions will be answered.  Paving will eliminate brining, grading every year, car repairs from the rough roads and will add to the value of homes and area. 
d. Norma brought up the Parks and Recreations Commission having more meetings, which Terry responded to the fact that things are rolling and that a MDOT meeting will be held on March 8th at the Township Complex regarding future plans for old 27 being resurfaced between 2017 and 2019.   And those sidewalks on the east side of the road are in the future for safety& bike travel.
e. Lori Martin announced that she would be running for the Clare County Clerk position and stated her qualifications, along with improvements that she has in mind within the offices for convenience for the public and employees. 

7:55 p.m.  Motion to adjourn by:  John Scherrer, 2nd by Lee Dancer, all ayes, M/C. 

Nancy Austin/Hayes Township Clerk  02-16-2016

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