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Feb 2015 sp

      Special Board Meeting
       Unapproved Minutes 
         February 2, 2015

11:35 a.m.   Meeting called to order by:  Terry Acton 
Pledge of Allegiance:  Respected by all 
Roll Call of Officers:  Terry Acton, Nancy Austin, John Scherrer, Maye Rood
   Absent:   Lee Dancer 

Motion by Maye Rood to accept Resolution #14-16 to be paid to JBS Contracting, Inc.
Out of our Building Fund in the amount of 128,547.00.  Second by Terry Acton.
All in favor, M/C   
Roll Call:  Terry Acton, yes, Maye Rood, yes, John Scherrer, yes, Nancy Austin, yes.

Motion by Maye Rood for Resolution #14-17 to apply for reimbursement from 
USDA for Hayes Township in the amount of 74,761.05.  Second by 
John Scherrer.  All in favor, M/C 
Roll Call:  John Scherrer, yes, Nancy Austin,yes, Terry Acton, yes,
Maye Rood, yes. 

11:39 a.m.   Motion to adjourn by John Scherrer, Second by Terry Acton, 
All in favor M/C. 

Hayes Township Clerk, Nancy Austin __________________________-

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