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Dec 2015

DECEMBER 15, 2015

7:00 P.M.  Meeting called to order by Terry Acton 
Pledge of Allegiance:  Respected by all 
Board Members Roll Call:  Terry Acton, Maye Rood, Lee Dancer, John Scherrer, Nancy Austin 
Absent:   None 
Public Comments: 
a. Jim Gelio’s gave his report on the Senior Center.   The south side of the Senior Center will have an addition added onto it for Adult Care Projects and MMR will have a spot to be stationed there, this will be collaborated with Gladwin County so both counties will be able to use it.   The I.T. Dept. in the County Bldg. is a great team and a  proposal has been set up and will be voted on the the 16th of this month to keep them in-house, as the county wants to avoid outsourcing these two gentlemen, so there expertise knowledge will be accessible to the needs in the county bldg.  And the animal Shelter received a donation of 2,630.00 from WEE, a collectors club, their kindness is so greatly appreciated.  Jim Gelios is to also check on the Veterans Place in Clare as some requested more information.  
b. Sherriff’s Department:  Officer Jim gave his report on traffic stops and that domestic calls have increased but they usually do, unfortunately, during the holidays. B & E’s have been down just a little.   Sheriff John Wilson stopped in with information that a grant was approved thru USDA that allowed the dept. to get 2 new, fast, dodge chargers.  Next time around the dept. may lease some patrol cars; it’s less costly and will provide 4 vehicles.  
The Sheriff talked about the inmates that the county cares for and the revenue received.   For 1 inmate downstate, the cost is 35,000 vs 12,000 if incarcerated in our jails. This saves the State money and keeps jobs going up here plus revenue received.  Federal inmates cost 60 a day vs 27 a day up here that the State pays for and is no cost to the County. When the sentence is done, the prisoner is NOT released in our County, but rather in the area from where they came. 
The township receives reports from the sheriff’s dept. regarding break-ins, traffic tickets, fires and many others.  The sheriff explained how the incidents reported are deciphered at the end of the month, what was reported as a possible break in may have been the owner who lost a house key instead.  And it makes a difference for each category as to how the County looks as a whole, security wise, when inquiries are made regarding the County for those who are interested in purchasing a residence or opening a business. 
c. Public Comments:  none 
Consent Agenda:  Unapproved minutes for Nov. 17th, 23rd, 30th, bills to be paid, bills paid Prior, sheriff’s report, treasurer’s report.   Motion by Terry Acton to accept the 
      Consent agenda, 2nd by Lee Dancer, all ayes, M/C. 
Department Reports:  Rod Williams gave his report on zoning permits being 76 this year compared to 99 last year.  Rod inspected a home, took interior pictures but had to wear a
      Hazmat suit to walk thru and disposed of the suit when done, as the house was that bad. The house is up for demolition. Rod had acquired access to get information from the S.O.S and is 
      able to acquire information on vehicles, boats and etc. when needed. 
Unfinished Business 
a. Brining of the roads….to be discussed later in the meeting. 
New business:
a. Fire Department contract with the township for 2016 is 69, 477.00, with an increase of 355.00.  Motion made by John Scherrer to accept the contract, supported by Terry Acton, all ayes, M/C.  Terry explained that the millage for the fire dept. will be on the ballot thisYear in May, 2016 as a RENEWAL, not an increase and the RENEWAL is much needed.
b. CommuniQuest, Inc.:  Motion by Maye Rood to approve 6 additional phones to the cost of 745.00 for pertinent rooms in the new building like the exercise room ,kitchen/banquet room and etc. with no long distance access and also used at the Elections.  Supported by Nancy Austin, all ayes, M.C. 
c. Rogers Athletic Co., weight equipment and padding quote.  Weight equipment tabled until next meeting in January until quotes are in for new and used equipment.  Custom padding is needed 
to wrap the 14 beams and posts for safety. Custom is because of the electrical outlets for phones that are also used during election time.  Motion by Terry Acton to accept the quote of 3,743.00 to be paid from the Builders Fund Contingency, Supported by John Scherrer, all ayes, M/C. 
d. CCS company quote for more hard drive installation on the copy machine to cut cost for large mailings by the treasurer, assessor and clerk. This is being tabled until the January, 2016 meeting. 
e. CDI Computers:  Quote for 2 refurbished computers, one for the account manager, Deb Hoyt and  another for the Treasurer of 1,398 for two computers.  Maye Rood said they could do with
one for a while.  Motion by Maye Rood to accept one refurbished computer for Deb Hoyt, with a 5 year warranty to the cost of 699.00, supported by Terry Acton, all ayes, M/C
f. Trivalent Group:  Quote for new firewall safety, data protection & virus protection for office computers in lieu of AVG.  Better security is required due to hacking problems that could occur especially since that had happened at the City offices recently.   Motion by Terry Acton to accept the contract for 1,552.00 with a 3 year warranty, supported by Lee Dancer, all ayes, M/C.
g. Prien & Newhoff is a geotechnical drilling company and  Terry Acton said a certain road is interrible shape and needs soil boring done to see what’s going on with it. Terry will talk to the head of the Road Commission and will go from there at the next meeting as how to proceed with this problem.
h. Taxes – no questions asked, no comments were made on this subject. 

Brining of the roads was brought up by Supervisor, Terry Acton to explain what a SAD is and how it works.
The cost of brining of the roads has gone up considerably over the past 12 years.  What used to cost 13,000, went to 21,000, then 37,000 and now it’s over the 80,000 Fire Millage amount.  Maye Rood said so far 466,904.65 in total has been spent since 2003 for the brining of the roads.  This will continue to rise unfortunately leaving a burden on the counties and townships that have dirt roads.  Therefore a cost of 18 per property owner on dirt roads may come into effect.   Two or three Special meetings will be held for residents of the township to attain information, ask questions and voice their opinion.  Down Stater’s who own property up here will certainly have a say in this decision. Remember, halting this service will mean dusty dirt roads, none of which we want to happen.  If signatures of 20% of the property owners on dirt roads in Hayes Township are received who do not agree with this, it could stop the brining of the roads and the additional charge of 18 on the taxes.   Therefore, the meetings are to inform all, plus property owners will be able to express their opinions.   The new Board Members who came into office the past few years have tried to cut expenses for the township and have eliminated their own pension plans and other benefits which comes to 14,000 per person.  
Motion by Terry Acton to have the township attorney start the paper work for the SAD for the roads immediately, motion supported by John Scherrer, all ayes, M/C. 

In January, 2016 Trooper White will have a special meeting with the township people and our staff regarding the seriousness of “Human Trafficking” in Michigan.  We will post the date a few times in the newspaper and on our site, so you will be aware and put aside time to attend this special meeting. 
Please bring a friend, this is important and scary information to say the least. 

8:05:  Motion by John Scherrer to adjourn, supported by Lee Dancer, all ayes, M/C.    

Nancy Austin/Hayes Township Clerk 

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