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Nov 2016

Hayes Township
General Board Meeting
Unapproved Minutes
November 15th, 2016

7:00 p.m.  Meeting called to order by:  Terry Acton 
Pledge of Allegiance:   Respected by all 
Roll Call of Board Members:  Terry Acton, Maye Rood, Betty Laskowsky, John Scherrer, Nancy Austin
Absent:  None 

Public Comments: 
a. Jim Gelios:  County Commissioner gave his report on the budget which is ok, union negotiations still on going.  
b. Terry Acton thanked Betty Laskowsky for taking Lee Dancers place as trustee and announced thatDeb Hoyt will be the new township clerk, Mike Haley will be a new trustee and Robert Buckley will be appointed as a new trustee after Kim Kennicot is sworn in and he will resign as he has taken a position as airport manager here in town.  
c. Clare County Sheriff Dept.:  Officer Brad Feger gave his report that there were 455 incidents in our township and that car break-in are heavy in Dodge City area and around Arnold Lake area and for residents to lock their cars, 20 larcenies and 61 traffic stops.  
Consent Agenda: 
a. Motion by Terry Acton to approve  the consent agenda, of Unapproved minutes for Nov. 4th, spec. brd mtg, bills paid prior, bills to be paid, treasurer’s report and sheriff’s incident report.
Supported by John Scherrer with the minutes of 11-18-2016, 11-24-2016 & 11-7-2016 to be 
Present for the next General Board meeting for approval.
Department Reports:  Rod Williams  of Ordinance and Zoning was not present.  Terry Acton said that The ordinances in place are good but not working.  Offenders know the tricks and modification will be taking place with offenders being taken to court sooner an processed with stricter results.
Unfinished Business: 
      Maye Rood had Terry Acton add to the agenda two items.  Community Bldg. offer and Ordinance
      Numbering Errors that needed to be corrected. 
a. Safety poles around the pillars for the awning will be tabled until spring time. 
b. Sale of the Community Bldg:  Maye Rood said an offer had been made of 90,000 with Contingencies , it will be posted in the newspapers.  It will be run as a Rehab Facility with 8 to 20 beds eventually.  Motion by Maye Rood to accept the offer with contingencies and 
Approvals required, supported by Terry Acton.  Roll Call: ayes:  John Scherrer, Nancy Austin, 
Terry Acton, Maye Rood, Betty Laskowsky.  Nays:  none   M/C. 
c. Maye rood explained Ordinance numbering was off somewhat and needed to be corrected.
New Business:  
a. Terry Acton said ordinance violations are being looked at to move from a civil infraction to a misdemeanor to help with this problem of continued violations not being taken seriously. 
b. Terry Acton said there is a move on a national level to allow “tiny houses” of 200 sq ft to be 
allowed into counties and cities.  The city has already started to move on this and so will the township.  These  small homes will do nothing but create more problems.
Board Requests: 
a. Terry Acton has requested approval to purchase a new computer for his office for 580.
Motion by Terry Acton to approve this purchase, supported by Betty Laskowsky, all ayes,M/C

  Comments:   Terry Acton apologized for making the township auditor, Cody Niese, CPA  wait to discuss The township audit.  Cody said the township was in good shape and it went well as 
            Maye and Deb had everything ready to send him when requested. 

a. Neighborhood Watch will have their meeting with Stan Lewis as director and he invited Officer White to speak again.  This time it will be about hard drugs hitting the area as it is in all counties.   Pictures will be shown and what to do, what to look for and what not to do will be discussed.  Questions will be taken.  This is a very serious and a tragedy of losing lives much quicker than ever before with these drugs (heroin)  being cut differently and sold rapidly.   It is hitting the well to do and the less fortunate people.  Be aware! 
b. Maye Rood announced that the office will be closed on November 18th for some office
Staff members from her department , the supervisor and new trustees that will be sworn in.
      The office will also be closed on November 25th for the holiday. 

Adjournment:  7:40 p.m.   Motion by John Scherrer to adjourn the meeting, 2nd by Terry Acton, all ayes

Nancy Austin/Hayes Township Clerk ___________________________

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