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Nov 2015

NOVEMBER 17, 2015

7:00 P.M Meeting called to order by Terry Acton 
Pledge of Allegiance:  Respected by all
Board Members Roll Call:  Terry Acton, John Scherrer, Maye Rood, Lee Dancer, Nancy Austin 
Absent:  none 
Public Comments:  
a. Jim Gelio’s gave a report on the Oakridge Homeless Shelter for Vets located in Clare that is for the Veterans and partially for Parolees to get assistance and help.  The parolees section is being State funded. There is no money being diverted from the Vets to the parolees.  There are good programs for both groups of people. The old section of the Health Dept. in the County Bldg. is being occupied by two  I.T. personnel and by Jerry Beckers Dept., both of whom needed better and more room.  Space will be assigned to another dept. in the near future.    Jim Geilo’s gave statistics that the poverty level has increased since 2003. In 2003, people under 18 yrs of age were at 22.5%, and in 2013 it was at 41%.  Age 18 to 64 in 2003 it was 15%, in 2013 went to 27.3%, for those 65 and over, in 2003 it was 10.7% and in 2013 at 9.2%. Heart breaking statistics for sure. 
b. Police Dept report:   The township officer gave a report on the township status, pretty much the same as 
Last month.
c. Pam Mayfield, the County Clerk commented on new CPL rules.  She stated that in 2003 only 23 gun permits were issued compared to 515 issued in 2015.  It all goes through the County Clerks’ office, however the police dept. still takes and runs finger prints and sends reports to the Clerks’ Office.   The elections will be held this year in March, August and November of 2016.   The Clare County Transit Commission election held in 2015 had an error on the ballot that was made by that administration and not by the County Clerks’ Office.  This error in language on the ballot created a shortfall for the 2017th year.  2016 will be fine, but 
A new ballot will need to be done for a 2017.     The Register of Deeds department will start a new service of reporting a “fraud alert” to those citizens who decide to register with the County Clerks’ office regarding property that you own. The fraud alert will notify a property owner if a mortgage co., or title co. has inquired about your property.  This is a “safeguard” for all.   In another state a problem had occurred and this is to safeguard those who live in Clare County.  Further information will be available from them in future months from now. 
d. Jack Kleinhardt, Board Commissioner of District 4 explained with Sergeant Lanse Cook about speed signs for roads.  Lanse is a qualified expert.   There is a definite process that needs to be followed.  Residents have been complaining in Hayes Township and other areas about those who travel @ 55 mph down the side roads.   Traffic control order is always needed before putting up a sign.  This includes a radar gun on 100 cars, traffic crash history, looking at the area and summertime is worse.  Because it’s not signed there is a basic speed law.  Drivers need to know what the laws are.  Education for adults and children is required 
As to how to protect themselves while walking by the roadsides.   Platted subdivisions should be/are 
25 mph.  Some roads however are determined as 55 mph.  This is in regards to cars, snowmobiles, all vehicles.   Common sense needs to kick in for safety for all.  Lori Ware was introduced as the new Community Service Director and Grant Writer.  
        e.     Cody Niese  ,the auditor of Yeo & Yeo gave his report that the Townships Audit was in good shape and 
the progress that has been made over the past year, the errors that were made and corrected. Processes that in effect now which is a huge help with future audits.  Many thanks to Deb Hoyt, the new Account Manager, for her pulling things together that Cody needed and suggested for the future.
The Consent Agenda which contains the Unapproved Minutes of 10-20-2015, 10-26, 11-02, 11-06, and another for 11-06,2015, Bills to be paid, Bills paid prior to the meeting, Treasurer’s Report and the Sheriff’s Report.   Terry Acton made motion to accept the Consent Agenda, 2nd by John Scherrer, all ayes, M/C. 
Department Reports:  Rod Williams gave his report on the Zoning Permits and the Dangerous Building meeting and a few of the homes that are on that list. Dangerous Buildings list so far consists of approximately 12 homes that need to be demolished and will be continually worked on by Rod Williams.  
Unfinished Business:  The asbestos removal bill is still under discussion and was tabled for a special meeting. 
The new driveway for the building has been determined by many to be too dark, lighting and reflective strips need to enter into the picture here and will be discussed at the construction update meeting on Monday, Nov. 23rd for a quick and permanent fix to this problem. 
New Business: 
Bid and flush caps on the floor.  Terry Acton commented on this problem for the Basketball Court. 
The New Municipal Complex will require a snow blower for the maintenance men to keep the sidewalk areas and parts of the driveway clear.  Price not to exceed 500.00. A motion by Terry Acton to approve the snow blower, 2nd by Lee Dancer, all ayes, M/C. 
Pricing of the “swipe cards” to get in and out of the building for “out of township “ residents still needs to be established  at  future meetings.   We have been calling around to see what prices are in other townships that compare to what we have to offer in the new building.
Bids need to be received for cleaning of the Municipal Complex.   Brining of the Roads was brought up by Terry Acton as the costs have gone up 50%.  It costs the township ¾ of a mil to run the township.   Discussion of a S.A.D was brought up which means it would be 18.00 a property owner a year to have the dirt roads brined.   20% of the residents would be needed to defeat the S.A.D.
One bid was received by Bay Area Specialty Flooring, Inc. in Bay City for the refinishing of the existing gym floor.  
Motion by Maye Rood to accept the bid, 2nd by Terry Acton.  Roll Call:  John Scherrer, aye, Nancy Austin, aye, Terry Acton, aye, Maye Rood, aye, Lee Dancer, aye.   Motion Carried. 
A quote from Hogger’s Custom Sign & Design to wrap the generator outside was received for 880.00. This will improve the appearance of the generator and will not interfere with the warranty.   When to have this done will be discussed at one of the future meetings, more than likely Spring time.

Board Requests:   None 
Public Comments:   Linda brought up the cost of the brining of the roads for  18.00 a property owner and wanted the board members to keep in mind that low income families are already having a hard time.  The Board will certainly keep this in mind.    The Board has cut many costs within its own departments to save money for the township, thus receiving a good report from our Auditor Cody Niese. 
When roads are bad, a resident is most certainly allowed to call the Road Commission @ 989-593-2151 and request some help. 
Maye Rood announced that the Clerk, Nancy Austin has decided not to run for next term, but Deb Hoyt who is the new Account Manager has decided to run for the Township Clerk position in the 2016 elections.  

8:15 p.m.  Motion to adjourn by John Scherrer, 2nd by Lee Dancer, all ayes, M/C

Nancy Austin/Hayes Township Clerk ___________________

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