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Nov 2014 Minutes sp

Unapproved Minutes
NOVEMBER 25, 2014
3:00 p.m. Meeting called to order by: Terry Acton
Pledge of Allegiance
Roll Call of Officers: Maye Rood, Terry Acton, Lee Dancer, John Scherrer, Nancy Austin
Terry Acton explained this is a special meeting regarding the Clerk and would be in closed session..

The Clerk however announced it could be an open session. Supervisor, Terry Acton, is bringing charges against the Township Clerk and what is expected of her position. The Board Members are there to listen and review the charges.
The Township Attorney, Mr. Fahey read the charges from Exhibit B against the Clerk, starting from A through H. Maye Rood explained the hours spent to make corrections, hours worked with the Clerk , Nancy Austin and others to make these corrections. Rood has done General Ledger for the Clerk as the clerk had not been taught that yet. Rood also maintained General Ledger for the previous Clerk in the past years.

The Clerk responds to the charges in part and reminds the Board that she was out with a complete knee replacement for 3 weeks, should have been out for 6 to 8, but felt guilty being home and returned to work. Medication she was on for pain certainly did not help with memory. Her office is like grand central station with no area to concentrate.

Attorney Dave McAndrew asked a series of questions on the Clerks behalf.
The Township Attorney, Mr. Fahey offered other remedies if the Clerk did not resign her position. Three remedies were offered and discussed. Terry Acton asked the clerk how she would prefer to resolve the problems. The Clerk stated she refuses to resign at this time as she would prefer 6 months to relearn her duties due to the fact that she was out on long medical leave.

The Board Members discussed the matter in length and Resolution 1415
was to be rewritten with six months for retraining and if not achieved the Clerk stated she would definitely resign.

Attorney Dave McAndrew felt this was a fair solution for the Clerk and all concerned.
Motion by Acton for a new resolution, 2nd by Dancer. All in favor.
Roll call: Scherrer, yes, Austin,yes, Acton, yes, Rood, yes, Dancer, yes.

4:45 pm Motion to adjourn by Scherrer, 2nd by Dancer, all in favor., M/C
Nancy Austin/Hayes Township Clerk

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