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Oct 2015sp2

Hayes Township
Special Election Commission Mtg.
Unapproved Minutes
October 13, 2015

10:35 :  Meeting called  to order by:  Nancy Austin 
Members Present:  Nancy Austin, Maye Rood, Terry Acton 
Others Present:   Pamela Mayfield, County Clerk 

Township Clerk called a special meeting of the Township Election Commission with the County Clerk, Pamela Mayfield to discuss the revision of the 4 precincts down to 2 precincts.    

All members discussed the revision, the cost, the pros and cons of the revision of the precincts.    Deadlines were reviewed and will continue to be checked.  As of now January 5th is the deadline, however Hayes Township will have this done in December of 2015.   Costs of new voting machines will be approximately 7000.00 each once the State decides on which one or ones will be approved. 

Receiving Board training was brought up by Maye Rood as it had been previously by Nancy Austin with Pam Mayfield and will be discussed before the March, 2016 election. 

11:40  Motion for meeting to be adjourned by Nancy Austin, 2nd by Maye Rood, 
All ayes, M/C. 

Nancy Austin/Hayes Township Clerk _____________________ 

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