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Jan 2017

January 24, 2017

7:00 P.M. Meeting called to order by Terry Acton
Pledge of Allegiance

Board Members Present: Acton, Buckley, Haley, Rood, Hoyt
Public Comment
Jim Gelios, Clare County Commissioner
Clare County Sheriff Department
Consent Agenda
Motion Acton/Hoyt to approve Consent Agenda
Unapproved Minutes
o December 20, 2016
o January 5, 2017
Bills to be paid
Bills paid prior
Sheriff report
Treasurer report
New Business
Motion Hoyt/Rood to reaffirm Resolution 16-09 Clare County Hazard Mitigation Plan.  Roll call vote, all Ayes, Resolution reaffirmed
Motion Acton/Rood to adopt Resolution 16-11 Budget Amendment.  Roll call vote, All ayes, Resolution adopted
Motion Acton/Buckley to approve cancellation of the Middle Michigan Development Contract.  All Ayes, Motion Carried
Motion Acton/Haley to approve cancellation of the Clare County Sheriff Department Contract with the provision of re-instating it within 30 days if funding is available. All Ayes, Motion Carried
Motion Rood/Buckley to appoint Cynthia Jones as Temporary Deputy Treasurer.  All Ayes, Motion Carried
Motion Acton/Rood to amend Resolution 16-10, Authorizing Check Signers adding Cynthia Jones, Temporary Deputy Treasurer, as an additional check signer for Hayes Township.  Roll call votes, All Ayes, Resolution Amendment adopted
Motion Acton/Rood to appoint the Ellie Steelberger to the Hayes Township Board of Review.  All Ayes, Motion Carried
Motion Hoyt/Acton to approve to send Board of Review members to training on February 17 in Cadillac cost not to exceed 385.  All Ayes, Motion carried
Motion Acton/Rood to eliminate the policy adopted on 12/16/08 that granted a 75 stipend, in addition to their hourly wage, to Maintenance workers that come in on Sundays and Holidays and to eliminate the policy adopted on 8/18/09 that granted a 50 stipend, in addition to their hourly wage, to Maintenance workers that come in on Saturdays.  All Ayes, Motion Carried
Motion Acton/Rood to approve the weather related closing policy that Hayes Township will be closed any day that the Harrison Public Schools has a weather related closing.  All Ayes,  Motion Carried.
Motion Acton/Hoyt to approve Assessor request to remove of parcel 007-002-300-01 and parcel 007-002-300-02 from the Brining Special Assessment.  All Ayes, Motion Carried
Motion Rood/Acton to approve purchase of 100 swipe cards from Northern Fire not to exceed 300 and to amend budget lines items from Clerk and Treasurer budgets to cover the cost of the cards.  Roll call vote, All Ayes, Motion Carried.
Amendment of Hayes Township Zoning Ordinance and Hayes Township Zoning Map was tabled.  A Special Board meeting will take place on Friday January 27, 2017 at 10:00 am in the Hayes Township Board room.
Public Comment
Several members of the audience spoke on the following topics:
Weather related closing
Benefit of ORV riders to the economy of this area

Debra Hoyt, Hayes Township Clerk  ___________________

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