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Jan 2015

JANUARY 20, 2015

Meeting called to order by:  Terry Acton, Supervisor
Pledge of Allegiance:  Respected by all
Roll Call of Officers:  Terry Acton, Maye Rood, Lee Dancer, John Scherrer, Nancy Austin 
          Absent:  none
Public Comments: 
Jim Gelios, County Commissioner:  Commented on County Bldg. Repairs needed & the Medical
Control Authority Board for counties with the State trying to control it. Terry Acton is to be appointed
 to the Airport Authority Board on Jan. 21, 2015
Sheriff’s Department:  Officer Bolander on duty and not able to attend.
Yeo & Yeo Auditing Firm: The Representative gave the Audit Report, especially on General Fund and 
ways to improve the offices.  With the cutting down on expenditures the past year,  the township is
 in good shape so far and pretty healthy at this time.  
Consent Agenda:  
Unapproved minutes of Dec. 8th, 2014 & Dec.16, 2014. ,Bills to be paid, Bills paid prior,
Treasurer’s Report, Sheriff’s Report.
Motion by John Scherrer to approve the Consent Agenda, 2nd by Terry Acton, all in favor, M/C. 
Department Reports: 
Rod Williams: Ordinance & Zoning Director  99 permits given for the year, a new Commercial
Bldg. The Medical Bldg., & New Homes. ,Two Dangerous Bldgs. one owner taking care of and
Rod still working on another.  Motion by Acton to approve Mark Fitzpatricks decision to go ahead
 and proceed, 2nd By Dancer, all in favor, M/C.  Williams will report on these again at next meeting
 and other bldgs.
Rod requesting to attend MTA meeting. Motion by Rood for Rod to attend meeting,  2nd by Acton, 
all in favor, M/C. 
Unfinished Business: 
Resolution #14-15- Parks & Rec. Plan  Motion by Rood to adopt Resolution #14-15, 2nd by Dancer,
Roll call: Rood, yes, Dancer, yes, Scherrer, yes, Austin, yes, Acton yes. M/C  Special thanks to all 
for the hard work that was put into this and the long hours. 
Appointments to the Board of Review, 2 yr. Term (Howard Whitney, Gail Downs, Van Harrison) 
Motion to appoint by Acton, 2nd by Scherrer, all in favor, M/C. , Planning Commission: (Betty
 Laskowsky,Wes Kenny, Lee Dancer, Nola Hopkins, Stan Lewis, Jerry Becker, Norma Swafford)
 Motion by Acton to confirm, 2nd by Dancer, all in favor, M/C.  Zoning Board of Appeals, 
(Tom Vaughn (Chairperson) Gail Downs, Jim Neff, Robert Buckley, Tom Vaughn, Wes Kenny, 
Motion by Dancer to approve, 2nd by Scherrer ,all in favor, M/C. 
Cemetery:  Cemetery Trees causing problems. Motion by Acton to contact people who put in
 trees since ordinance took affect, 2nd by Scherrer, all in favor, M/C. 
Road Commission to put sign on Curve area of Townline Lake Rd area by the office saying
 “Construction Zone” to deter accidents in the spring and summer times. 
Raise for all hourly employees of .25 cents starting in January, retroactive to January 1st, 2015.
Motion to approve by John Scherrer, 2nd By Terry Acton, all in favor, M/C
Policies to be put in place for all departments in the near future.
Resolution regarding the Clerk:  Is not enforceable and therefore the issue is dissolved.  Progress 
is moving forward within the offices, and cross- checking between Clerk and Treasurer is in place.
According to the Auditors, this is procedure that should always be practiced in Township and City 
Neighborhood Watch Meeting to be held on Thursday, January 22, 2015 earlier at 5 p.m. for tour of 
the jail with food served afterwards at informative meeting with Director, Stan to answer questions.
Neighborhood Watch signs are still in the works for the roads.
New Business:   None 
Board Requests:  Motion by Acton to approval Cid Jones to scan years of Assessors Records into Computer
System as all must be kept on file, 2nd by Dancer, all in favor, M/C.
Permission requested by Rood to have webinar classes for training the Board Members in the
Township office instead of traveling to classes.  
Motion by Acton to approve this training, 2nd by Rood, all in favor, M/C. 
Ken from Lind & Lind Ins. Of Gladwin, spoke about insurance for the Soccer Team.  Benefits for
the Team and for the Township for Soccer Team to acquire their own insurance even though 
the Township has insurance coverage. 

8:25 p.m.  Adjournment:  Motion to adjourn by Scherrer, 2nd by Dancer, all in favor, M/C. 

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