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June 2014 Minutes

                        HAYES TOWNSHIP
                      GENERAL BOARD MEETING 
                  UNAPPROVED MINUTES, JUNE 17TH, 2014
7:00 PM Meeting called to order by : Supervisor, Terry Acton
Pledge of Allegiance:  Respected by everyone in attendance 
Roll Call of officers:  John Scherrer, Lee Dancer, Maye Rood, Terry Acton, Nancy Austin 
Absent: None 
Public Comments: 
a)  Joel Johnson: House Representative spoke on Career Technical Education for high school students and skill trades assistance , road work situations, Bridge Card problems, more revenue sharing for Townships, Hayes did receive $6000.
b)  Jim Gelios: County Commissioner:  Working on Budgets, Airport Restaurant is open as well as Bobís  Party Store, and Party Doc is being worked on. Anyone with road problems needs to talk to the Road Commission and/or attend their meetings on third Wednesday  of month @ 9 am or call Al Leonard. 
c)  Officer Bolander:  No Report, was on duty, could not attend
Consent Agenda: Motion to approve by Terry Acton, Second by John Scherrer , all in favor , aye, M/C
Department Reports: Rod Williams of Ordinance and Zoning. 120 complaints, attended workshop in Gaylord, several bldgs to be torn down as soon as owners are located, cost of tear down will be added to their property taxes and township will sell lot if need be. Master Plan and Recreation Plan updates were sent out to neighboring townships to review what Hayes Township is doing and possibly coordinate things. June 30th is first Public Hearing at 7 pm, and 2nd Public Hearing on Aug. 5th at 7pm.
Rowe and Associates:  Engineering Architectural firm re: GeoThermo Heating&Cooling/New Building.Test well needs to be done @ cost of $8000 to $9000 to get performance of the ground for the GeoThermo drilling.  Motion by Maye Rood to move forward to get test well done so we can move to get geothermo drill bids.  Second by Terry Acton.  Roll Call:  Lee Dancer, yes, Maye Rood, yes, Terry Acton, yes, Nancy Austin, yes, John Scherrer, no.  M/C
Unfinished Business: 
A. Resolution 13-17 (FOIA). Maye read resolution which designates the coordinator. Motion by Maye Rood to adopt resolution 13-17, Second by Terry Action.  All ayes, M/C. 
B. Inspection and Reproduction of Public Records Policy:Will read as Office open Tuesday to Friday 
9 am to 3 pm. Cost of .5 cents per page, .70 cents for CD, plus hrly wage of employee ...estimate of about $33.00 or so with 50% down Motion by Maye Rood to adopt policy and reproduction of public records. Second by Terry Acton,  All ayes, M/C
C. Enhanced access to Public Records Policy: We can charge for time used, software cost, maintenance fees which would bring us at $1.00 per page, $20 for CD.  Motion by Terry Acton to adopt policy and Second by John Scherrer.  All ayes, M/C.  
D. ORV discussion:  Bad news is Clare County has ORV laws being consistently being abused in certain areas.  Officers are aware and increasing patrol car coverage for this problem. Townshipwill continue to monitor this serious problem for safety of citizens.
E. Parks& Recís Master Plan Grant:  Maye said everyone is working diligently on this and she submitted to the State and received approval for $12,500 return , plus another $360 to off set expenses. 
F. Road Commission:  Terry said that Ron and Al Leonard of Road Commission have drawn up engineering study and is ready to be released for bid.
New Business:
1. Increase of probationary employees pay: Maye said State only allows us to have one Deputy 
   Clerk and since Cid Jones could not put in the hours required, she is now Clerk Office Assistant working on the cemetary info and maps.  Karen Coutts is the Deputy Clerk.  Both have their 90 days probationary time in a deserve the .50 cent raise, taking them from $10.75 to $11.25. Motion made by Nancy Austin to approve the raise, Second by Maye Rood, All ayes, M/C. 
2. Budget Hearing:  June 26, at 7p.m. and open to the Public, here at the Township Hall. 
3. Preliminary Election Testing:  Monday, July 14th, Township Hall. Testing voting machines for August Primary and for November.  Public Test is set for July 28th. to make machines are running accurately and gives us two weeks to make adjustments if needed. 
4. Workshop; set for July 24th at 10 am for Budget Amendments for 2013 & 2014
5. Lind & Lind Insurance:  Ken from Gladwin office is offering more protection for less money and also covers many of the other Townships around us. Saving us about $1500 to $1800 a year. Board will set a Workshop date to go over this in depth soon. 
6. Yeo and Yeo:  Preaudit   Maye requesting half or full day with Yeo and Yeo at cost of $500 or 
\00.  Terry made motion to approve this, Second by Nancy Austin, All aye, M/C.
   7. Yard Sale:  Maye explained we have items to sell and folks are asking to purchase bricks and other
Items.  A list will be made eventually. Board to discuss this at later date. 
   8. Land Sales:  Maye explained we have properties to sell and can do on our own before listing with Real Estate Company. Maye made motion to list Fir Rd. Park @ $120,000, 37 1/2 acres, as suggested By our appraiser.  Second by Terry Acton.  Roll Call:  Maye Rood, yes, Terry Acton, yes, Lee Dancer, yes, John Scherrer, yes, Nancy Austin, yes.  M/C. Motion by Maye Rood to sell the   Community Bldg. For $125,000, Second by Lee Dancer. Roll Call: John Scherrer yes, Lee Dancer, yes, Terry Acton, yes, Maye Rood, yes, Nancy Austin, yes M/C. 
   Public Comments:  Resident sent pictures of resident property, but will come in and file paper Work for Rod to check out. Township is looking into this residence for many safety reasons. 
Adjournment: @ 9:25 pm.  Motion by John Scherrer, Second by Terry Acton., All ayes, M/C. 
Nancy Austin /Hayes Township Clerk 

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