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Current total township operating millage is 2.162 mills
Township Operating     .7510
Township Road Maint    .7510
Fire Services               .6600

Hayes Township population
1970  1,942
1980  3,609
1990   3,811
2000  4,916
2010  4,675

Board Meetings: Each Third Tuesday - 7:00 p.m.
2051 E. Townline Lake Rd., PO Box 310
Hall Phone (989) 539-7128
Fax (989) 539-7129
Office Hours: Tues.-Fri. 9:00 am to 3:00 p.m.

Terry Acton hayestownshipsupervisor@gmail.com
Ext. 1
Nancy Austin hayestownshipclerk@gmail.com
Ext. 2

Treasurer hayestownshiptreasurer@gmail.com
Maye Rood
Ext. 3 or 539-7130
John Scherrer
Lee Dancer
Assessor hayestownshipassessor@gmail.com
Jim VanWormer
Ext. 6
Zoning Administrator
Rod Williams hayestownshipzoning@gmail.com
Ext. 7
Ordinance Enforcement Officer
Rod Williams
Ext. 7
Planning Commission Members 

Wesley Kenny
Jerry Becker
Lee Dancer
Nola Hopkins
Betty Laskowsky
Tracey Lee
Stan Lewis

Zoning Board of Appeals

Tom Vaughn
Wesley Kenny
Jim Neff
John Scherrer
Sam Swafford


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