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Sept 2014 Special

Special Assessment Meeting
                 Unapproved Minutes, September 11, 2014

7:00 PM:     Meeting called to order by supervisor, Terry Acton
Pledge of Allegiance:   Respected by all in attendance

Roll Call of Officers:  Lee Dancer, Maye Rood, Terry Acton, Nancy Austin
                Absent:  John Scherrer

Purpose of Meeting:  SAD / Arnold  Lake

Public Comments:  John Hood explained the Special Assessment /Public Act 3-18
            (SAD) and why he and John Hause worked so diligently on it.
            This struggle has been going on for 15 years regarding the lake.
            With diligence of the property owners and a new attorney for
            the Township of Hayes a light at the end of the tunnel can be seen
            for control of the weeds and saving money for the lake owners.
                   Jason, of PLM Company explained the control of weeds, especially
             the Erasian water milfoil infestation and itís absolute dangers to the
             lakes and property values being maintained.  

Resolution #14-04:  Terry Acton read the Hayes Township Arnold Lake Special Assessment District
resolution #14-04.   Motion to adopt resolution #14-04 by Maye Rood, 2nd by Terry Acton.
Roll Call:  Maye Rood, yes, Lee Dancer, yes, Nancy Austin, yes, Terry Acton, yes. Motion
Resolution #14-05:  Maye Rood read resolution #14-05.  Motion to adopt by Maye Rood, 2nd by Terry Acton.
Roll call:  Terry Acton, yes, Maye Rood, yes, Lee Dancer, yes, Nancy Austin, yes, Motion
The Clerk from Frost Township read the resolutions for Frost Township and motion to
Adopt both resolutions with their Board Members roll call votes on both resolutions.

Next Public meeting for the last Special Assessment Meeting will be held on September
 24, 2014 to adopt the last resolution.

7:50 PM:  Motion to adjourn by:  Lee Dancer, 2nd by Terry Acton.  All ayes, Motion Carried.

Nancy Austin/Hayes Township Clerk

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