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August 2018


Supervisor Acton called the General Meeting to order at 7:00 p.m. at the Hayes Township Hall, 2055 E. Townline Lake Road.
Pledge of Allegiance was recited.
Members present – Supervisor Acton, Trustee Buckley, Treasurer Rood, Trustee Haley, and Clerk Hoyt
Community reports
• Mike Haley - Harrison District Library
• Terry Action - Clare County Airport Authority
Motion Buckley/Haley to approve minutes from the following meetings:
• July 17, 2018 general board meeting
• July 18, 2018 public hearing
• July 18, 2018 special board meeting
• July 31, 2018 special board meeting
• August 9, 2018 public hearing
• August 9, 2018 special board meeting
• August 10, 2018 public hearing
• August 10 2018 special board meeting
All Ayes, motion carried.

Motion Buckley/Rood to approve Consent Agenda:
• Bills paid prior
• Bills to be paid
• Treasurer report
All ayes, Motion carried

Department Reports
• Zoning
Motion Hoyt/Rood to approval the Zoning Administrator to contact attorney on shipping container issue – zoning violation.  All Ayes, Motion Carried
Planning Commission approved, with conditions, the Special Use permit request from Mr. & Mrs. Czuja at 3581 Mostetler Rd.
• Clerk
Elections - August Primary - 718 voters with no major problems

Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request has been received requesting copies of all ballots cast in the November 2016 election.  Request for extension and an estimate of the cost for the copying will be sent. 
New Business
• Motion Hoyt/Rood to approve Resolution 18-05 Consumers Energy Standard Lighting Contract.  Roll call vote Acton – Aye, Buckley – Aye, Rood – Aye, Hoyt – Aye.  Resolution adopted.
• Motion Acton/Buckley to approve Quality Insulation HVAC for piping insulation in the amount of 200.  All Ayes, motion carried
• Clare County Road Commission – Hamilton, Ball, Cranberry Lake Project was discussed and read as requested by the Road Commission
• Motion Rood/Acton to approve registration for the MTA on the Road – October 3 Riverwalk Gladwin – 5 attendees 565, Mileage reimbursement of approximately 20 per vehicle (car pool is recommended).  All Ayes, motion carried
• Motion Rood/Hoyt to approve MSU Citizen Planner Program attendance for Mike Haley in the amount no to exceed 295.  All Ayes, motion carried
• Motion Acton/Hoyt to accept Hayes Township L-4029 2018 Tax Rate Request as prepared by James VanWormer, Hayes Township Assessor.  All Ayes, motion carried
• Motion Hoyt/Rood to approve 1 year maintenance agreement with the Trivalent Group –for the Liebert (Backup system) in the amount of 582.  All Ayes, motion carried
• Zumba with Chelsi classes begin August 29 at 5:30
• Champion Force Cheer classes begin September 18
• September 15 Recycle Day at Harrison City Park
• Waste Management 2018 Household Hazardous Waste Collection
• Clare County Youth Council Needs Assessment
• Waste Management sponsors a Technical Education Scholarship at MMCC
• Department of Natural Resources Public Notice of Proposed Oil and Gas Lese Auction
• Clare County Sheriff report

Public Comment 
• Patrick Adams spoke of interest in a Special Assessment District request for gravel road upgrade
• David Hoefling, candidate for Clare County Commissioner District 6
• Comments regarding noise and lighting problems
Motion Buckley/Haley to adjourn meeting.  All Ayes, motion carried. Motion adjourned 7:55 p.m.

Debra Hoyt, Clerk

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