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May 2015

MAY 19TH, 2015 

7:00PM Meeting called to order by: Terry Acton 
Pledge of Allegiance:  Respected by all in attendance 
Board Members Roll Call:  Terry Acton, Maye Rood, Lee Dancer, John Scherrer, Nancy Austin. All Present.
Public Comments:  
Jim Gelios: Updated info for this August as there is a Clare County Transit “Renewal” on the Ballot, not an increase. The “Renewal” is necessary due to: Medical Transportation miles have increased by 177% from the year 2009 - 2014. In-Care increase of 104%, Senior Dining Center from 2009 - 2014 increase of 4%, Meals on Wheels increase of 104% for same period, all of which increase the Budget figures by 30%. Comments on new FOIA Act changes made by the State and are implemented starting July of 2015.
Sheriff’s Department:  Pat Bolander: Lots of things happening in the Township.
Body cameras for the officers will be a benefit, already purchased and coming soon!. B&E’s are up all over during the day and night.  ORV’s are still a concern. Extra patrols will be on duty for all the Holidays. The lakes will be patrolled for safety reasons.  
Consent Agenda: 
Unapproved minutes of: April 21, 2015, April 27th, 2015 Construction update
Bills to be paid 
Bill paid prior 
Treasurer’s Report 
Sheriff’s Dept Report .
Motion by Terry Acton to approve, 2nd by John Scherrer, all ayes,M/C
Department Reports:  Rod Williams/Ordinance & Zoning 
C.C.Sheriff Dept. gets a copy of ordinance and address now. The deputy goes out to follow up. Tickets are issued by Rod. A Zoning Ordinance needs to be updated.  An update has been completed for the Master Plan at this time.  Rod contacted Land Plan Co. gave a price of 95.00 an hour, with total cost not to exceed 18,350.00 compared to just under 50,000quoted by another company for a complete rewrite. The gentleman from Land Plan Co. has 25 yrs of experience and is highly recommended. All three proposals will be looked at, at the next workshop for the next budget coming up soon.  Many of the ordinances can be read on the township website. 
Unfinished Business: 
Cemetery Costs: Nancy Austin presented the pre-cast but maintenance does not have a high low to lift them. An increase in the cost of foundations will need to be implemented so the township does not lose more money. The cost now is low .12 cents a square foot but will be increased shortly.
Waste Management: The company representatives have presented a plan to move the pick-up date for certain areas from Monday to Tuesday. West of 27 would be on Tuesday, East of 27 would remain on Monday.  The large green garbage cans will be able to be rented for a nominal fee of 24.00 a year.   A one year contract “may” be implemented to try the plan compared to a long term contract.   Waste Management cannot continue to pick up all of Hayes Township trash on Mondays, so something needs to be done soon. The goal is to keep all the residents happy and rubbish under control. This will be discussed again at the next workshop.  Motion by Terry Acton to allow Waste Management to move the pick up to Tuesday for area West of 27 with a revisit in one year of the contract, 2nd by Nancy Austin, those in favor, Rood, Dancer, Acton, Scherrer, nay, Austin, nay. M/C. 
New Business: 
Rod Williams Rate of Pay: Tabled until next meeting.
Yeo & Yeo Audit August 31st    Maye Rood explained the process of scanning everything in the office, the Cemetery documentation updated precisely by Cid. Reports will be obtained more efficiently now for the Auditors. The cost of the audit is 8,750.00 for the new audit a savings in money due to the above processes.
Availability Grant - Maye explained grant money was available for Planning, Sewer and Water.  Jackie Morgan from USDA contacted Maye and with Debs help the 30,000 grant was processed just in time.  This is for a feasibility plan for the far future, some of us may never see this implemented in our time. 
Chemical Bank:   Maye explained that Rod Loomis from Chemical Bank informed us there was money available to apply for from the Chemical Bank Foundation.  A form was submitted. Anything received will obviously be a huge help. 
Workers Comp Policy: Nancy Austin explained that 2,386.00 was due and the bill will be changed to our Fiscal Year date, so less accruals will need to be implemented.  The cost of Workers Comp. has remained the same. 
Office Staff Training: Maye Rood explained that MTA has some webinars that were purchased by our township. 18 classes were purchased for a little over 300.00 for the in-office classes, saving the township money for training of all personnel in the office, the Planning Commission and Zoning Board.
Clerk requesting pay of 10.75 for new Office Assistant.: However, the present Office Assistant, Cid is to be more available as school is almost out. Terry Acton made motion to back Nancy up, 2nd by Nancy Austin, discussion on the motion requested by John Scherrer.  Two office assistants already available and trained will be more available for scanning to help the Clerk. The Clerk is also looking for a Deputy Clerk.  Roll call: Rood, nay, Dancer, nay, Scherrer, nay, motion denied.   
Public Comments: Linda called in with concerns that the minutes are not posted in the Cleaver anymore for all to read. As stated in the newspaper, the minutes may be seen on our site at www.hayestownship.com or a typed copy is available at the office. This was done to save the township considerable money.  With a phone request to the Clerk @ 539-7128 #3, a copy will be mailed to your home.  
Adjournment: 8:10pm Motion to adjourn by John Scherrer, 2nd by Lee Dancer, 
All ayes M/C. 

Nancy Austin/Hayes Township Clerk __________

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