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April 2019

April 16, 2019

Supervisor Acton called the General Meeting to order at 7:00 p.m. at the Hayes Township Hall, 2055 E. Townline Lake Road.
Pledge of Allegiance was recited.
Members present Supervisor Acton, Trustee Buckley, Treasurer Rood, Trustee Haley, and Clerk Hoyt
Community reports
Clare County Commissioners Commissioner Jeff Haskell
Harrison District Library Mike Haley
Clare County Airport Authority Terry Acton

Public Comment
Questions were taken and answered

Motion Acton/Buckley to approve the following meeting minutes:
March 19, 2019 General Board Meeting
March 22, 2019 Special Board Meeting Hire Zoning Administrator interviews
All Ayes, Motion carried

Motion Hoyt/Acton to approve the Consent Agenda
Bills paid prior
Bills to be paid
Treasurer report
All Ayes, Motion carried

Department Reports
o 2018 possible road projects for Hayes Township
o Supervisors meeting
Planning Commission
o Planning Commission Chair Stan Lewis spoke of the Special Use Permits the Commission is hearing
Fishers Construction Aggregates, Inc.
Big Bore Lodge LLC

o   Absentee Ballot Applications are available no reason is required to vote  absentee ballot 
o Workers Compensation Audit is in progress
o   Life insurance rates no increase in rate for another year
o   Reported on the MTA Conference/training that was attended by Treasurer, Clerk, Trustee Haley and Zoning Administrator
New Business
Motion Hoyt/Acton to adopt Planning and Zoning fee schedule.  All Ayes, Motion carried
Motion Hoyt/Rood to adopt Resolution 18-14 to allow Township Boards the option to have its elected officers appear as nonpartisan on the ballot. Roll call vote: Acton -nay, Buckley - nay, Haley - aye, Rood - aye, Hoyt aye.  Resolution adopted 
Motion Hoyt/Acton to adopt Ordinance 18-03 Ordinance Prohibiting Marihuana Establishments.  Roll call vote: Acton -aye, Buckley - aye, Haley - aye, Rood - aye, Hoyt aye.  Ordinance adopted 
Motion Buckley/Haley to adopt Resolution 18-15 Budget Amendment 3rd Quarter
 Roll call vote: Acton -aye, Buckley - aye, Haley - aye, Rood - aye, Hoyt aye.  Resolution adopted 
Treasurer Rood reported on the sale of the 40 acre parcel. 
Sheriff report
Fire Department Report
Public Comment 
Questions  on several topics were addressed

Debra Hoyt, Hayes Township Clerk

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