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Mar 2015 sp

             MARCH 16, 2015

Attended by:  Al  Goudreau, Brian Rokosz,  Joe Claybaugh,  Jeff Finney, 
            Terry Acton,  Maye Rood,  John Scherrer

10:00 a.m:     Purpose of Meeting:  Construction Progress  Updates

a. Gas Service with DTE
b. Top coat vapor barrier/floors
c. Verification that entire facility is keyless
d. Existing Building office framing is complete 
e. Plywood on Mezzanine 
f. Underground plumbing is going in on South Addition 
g. Variety of Field Decisions and Change Orders
h. Fitness Room window clarification answered 
i. Cost to widen out the corner of existing driveway 

Meeting ended at 10:55 a.m. 

 Nancy Austin 
Hayes Township Clerk 

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