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Feb 2016sp

FEBRUARY 29, 2016

10:00 A.M. Meeting called to order by: Terry Acton 
Members Present:  Terry Acton, Nancy Austin, John Scherrer, Maye Rood 
Absent:  Lee Dancer 

Discussion of purchasers offer made to Condell Realty for the Community Building on Grant Ave, Harrison,  MI.   Selling price is 99,900. , offer is for 82,500. 

Motion by Maye Rood to accept the offer of 82,500 As Is.
- No pro-ration of taxes 
- With earnest deposit of 1,500 
- With no touch up insulation to be done 
- With provision of 48 hours with acceptance of offer to contact us with proposed type of business and they must meet with Rod Williams/Zoning Administrator within 48 hours
- Survey has already been ordered
Second by John Scherrer.  
Roll Call:  all ayes:  Maye Rood, Terry Acton, John Scherrer, Nancy Austin
Nays:  none 
Absent:  Lee Dancer 

Resolution, pertaining to the sale, will be done after acceptance of our offer.
New electric pole and well are to be added to cemetery property as water and electric presently come from the community building at the present time. 

10:47 a.m.   Motion to adjourn by John Scherrer, 2nd by Terry Acton 

Nancy Austin/Hayes Township Clerk 

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