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JANUARY 11, 2016

10:15 a.m. Meeting called to order by:  Terry Acton
Members Present:  Terry Acton, Nancy Austin, John Scherrer, Maye Rood 
Absent:  Lee Dancer 

Discussion of Change Orders presented by JBS Construction, Inc.   Re: change order # 5, #6, #7 and  Resolution #15-18 for JBS Construction, Inc. partial payment #12.

Motion by Terry Acton to accept Change Order #5, supported by Nancy Austin, all ayes, M/C. 

Motion by Terry Acton to accept Change Order #7, supported by Maye Rood, all ayes, M/C. 

Change order number #6 on hold, waiting for JBS Construction, Inc. to submit when ready regarding the commercial kitchen. 

Terry Action made a motion to accept Resolution #15-18 for partial payment #12 to JBS Construction, Inc. , supported by Maye Rood.   Roll Call taken:
Ayes:  John Scherrer, Nancy Austin, Terry Acton, Maye Rood. 
Nays:  None 
Absent:  Lee Dancer 
Motion Carried

Terry Acton stated that a retainer amount is still at 230,977.00.  No other payments thereafter will be approved until all work has been completed. 

Terry and Maye to look at new exercise equipment in the coming week for the  exercise room.

Hot water in employee kitchen to be repaired.  All repairs will go thru Joe. 

The column outside to be repaired asap by the construction crew.  Insurance Co. will also be involved on this. 

10:45 a.m.   Motion by John Scherrer to adjourn, 2nd by Terry Acton, all ayes   M/C 

Nancy Austin/Hayes Township Clerk _________________________ 

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