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Dec 2013 Minutes


Approved Minutes December 17, 2013

Meeting called to order by: Terry Acton @ 7:00 pm

Pledge of Allegiance: By All in attendance


Roll Call: John Scherrer, yes, Nancy Austin, yes, TerryActon, yes, Mae

Rood, yes, Lee Dancer, yes. All Present


4. Public Comments: Terry Acton explained the Consent Agenda to

the public.

A. The Under Sheriff gave report . And that with Neighborhood Watch starting up with Stan Lewis as the Coordinator, a meeting will be held on January 23rd, 2014 for all interested

to attend and help get crime in Hayes Township down.

B. Jim Gelios - County Commissioner gave report and stated that the Airport Restaurant will

reopen after the first of the year sometime. It belongs to the County and will bring in

some revenue for the County. New owners have cleaned it up inside, looks great.

5. Consent Agenda: Motion to approve by Rood, 2nd by Acton, All in favor, aye, M/C.

6. Correspondence: None

7. Department Reports:

Terry Acton reported for Rod Williams ,the Ordinance Officer , that 67 files active files and

being followed up on with tickets and results are definite. The Togg Shop is being cleaned up.

Waste Management donated a dumpster there and Terry Acton himself

filled it with the last of the trash to clean up the area for a clean

presentation of the township.

8. Unfinished Business:

A) Resolution: 13-07 Credit Cards - needs to be amended with a cap on the spending limit. Presently being used for the telephone

system 8 x 8 and any other expenses that may require a credit card payment. Motion by Acton to amend and set limit to 00, 2nd

By Scherrer. All in favor, aye, M/C.

B) Arnold Lake Association: John Hood gave informative presentation again, regarding Aquatic nuisance control for Arnold Lake using public act 188. Attorney Fahey advise that the liability lies on the people in the special assessment district

and the company who does the work. Motion by Terry Acton to accept this special assessment under public act

188, 2nd by Rood, all in favor, M/C.

C) Special meeting held on Dec. 16th at the Hayes Community Bldg.

Terry Acton moved this to Public Comments below.

D) Personnel Pamphlet: Maye Rood explained that benefits have been drastically cut for all hourly employees in

our office. Austin and Rood have reviewed benefits and it has been determined that 24 hrs a week is not considered

a full time position with benefits.This has been compared to what other counties are offering to their employees. All are excellent workers but benefits have not been equal for all across the board in the past. Life insurance is still a benefit but holiday pay and vacation pay need to be eliminated.. Three benefit plans were implemented to choose from, some with benefits, one with only life insurance.

Motion by Rood to accept plan #3 with no benefits

offered except for life insurance, 2nd by Acton.

Roll call: Scherrer, no, Austin, no, Acton, yes, Rood,

yes,Dancer, yes. M/C.

9. Board Requests: Sprinkler System Service agreement (Prescription Rain Lawn

Sprinkling,Inc.) The board voted to keep the service as is which is service twice a year for opening and closing only. But not to accept the contract as presented to us.

Company to be notified of decision by mail.


10. Public Comments;

C) Special meeting held on Dec. 16th at the Hayes Community Bldg. Terry Acton and Maye Rood reported on the great attendance of 60 to 70 residents, largest ever to attend and give their input to the board members about the Civic Center. Architects, Goudreau and Associates gave a video presentation of all three plans.With a raise of hands the public showed support for a new build, and with no support for renovating the old building. Three plans were presented and the with a full court, senior center and township

offices was the most popular. The full basketball court building was most popular for many reasons as it would be more convenient to hold township residents in case of an emergency situation and the Red Cross, for the voting area in elections, for basketball,

area for residents, exercise room and many other "rental possibilities" that would renovate some revenue to cover operating costs.

Security cameras & extra lighting would be installed for security reasons and solar panels were brought up by a resident to cut operating costs. Terry Acton stated that solar panels have already saved the County 80 to 90% in operating costs. Maye Rood explained the cost of the building going from1.2 to 2.5 million as the first quote was a soft quote that did not include all the furniture, landscaping, generator and "commercial" kitchen.

Grants will be applied for to cover the commercial kitchen, solar paneling and other items to keep cost down thru USDA. Property taxes were discussed and will NOT be raised for

this building project. Once a plan has been voted on,

another special meeting will be held to discuss taking bids on the new building. Three bids per project will be accepted. Low bids are not always the winners as quality and on time work is what will be looked at. All in all it was a great ,informative meeting for all and we are hoping for more to attend the next meeting that will be posted in January, 2014. The

next Planning Committee meeting will be around January 15th and will be posted for public information.


Adjournment: 7:53 pm Motion to adjourn by Scherrer, 2nd by Dancer, all ayes, M/C.

Nancy Austin/ Hayes Township Clerk

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