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Jan 2014 Minutes

JANUARY 21, 2014

7:00 PM Meeting called to order by Terry Acton

Pledge of Allegiance: Respected by all in attendance

Roll Call: Terry Acton, Maye Rood, Lee Dancer, John Scherrer, Nancy Austin . All Present Absent: None

Public Comments: Jim Gelios updated township on County Business.
Officer Bolander: Officer Bolander is assigned to our township. In December accidents, fire, ambulance, burglary,
forced entry was down. B&E about the same, slow down this time of year, expect increase in spring, officers do
more property checks then. Officer Bolander will be at neighborhood Watch meeting, January 23rd.
Jerry Becker: County Emergency Manager and online Security Director. Offers a sky warn course on April 19th at 10 a.m at Transit Building, to learn how to spot storms and tornadoes. Outdoor Weather Warning Siren, out of commission since Sept.24th since FCC last year mandated that all radio systems go from 25 megahertz to 12.5 megahertz which puts all the sirens out of service.  Grants were applied for but were denied and then the Weather Station got hit by the storm and it went out. The siren would cost about 00 to fix; the weather station would cost 50 to fix. Jerry asked Hayes Township Board for money to maintain the both systems. The Township can only move to fix these if the Township owns it.  Becker to prepare the paper work for the Township to own tower.  Maye Rood to look at Par Plan Grant and see if we can get up to 00 for the repairs. 
Both are needed for the County and Township safety.
Yeo and Yeo: The Township Auditors. Township did well in cutting down expenses. The Township is financially very healthy  this year. Copies of the Audit are available to the public upon request.
Consent Agenda:
a) Jan. 2, 2014 Unapproved minutes
b) Jan. 14, 1014 Unapproved minutes
c) Resolution 13-11 previously approved needs to be signed by all board members.
d) Treasurer's report
e) Bills Paid Prior
f) Change Resolution 13-08 from Goudreau and Associates to Resolution 13-12, as 13-08 was also assigned to Consumers Energy. (this moved to Unfinished Business) Motion by Acton to accept the Consent Agenda minus letter motion by Action second by Scherrer, M/C.
Department Reports: Rod Williams: 72 zoning permits, 4 for brand new homes, 1 replacement. Year to date active ordinance violations for blight, noise, zoning is 113; 115 active and 16 closed. Rod has been on a campaign to get rid of abandoned vehicles sitting in yards. The Togg Shopp had a huge blight problem. Waste management donated a huge dumpster after we got permission to go on the property, Terry Acton put trash in dumpster.
The township is to look into setting up a recycling center. Also checking on a large tire removal day. Tires are being
dumped on areas of Hayes Township, this needs to be addressed in the spring and stopped.
Unfinished Business:
Maye made a motion to change Resolution 13-08 in the name of Goudreau and Associates to Resolution 13-12 as
Resolution 13-08 was already assigned to Consumers Energy. That we amend that resolution to be 13-12. Roll Call.
Dancer, yes, Rood, yes, Acton, yes, Austin, yes, Scherrer, yes, M/C.
a) Arnold lake homeowner’s petition draft needs to be changed. (for the purpose of lake management of aquatics
vegetation control and related services) Acton said each township needs its own seperate petition. Acton made
motion to accept the petitition as the changes have been made. Second by Rood.  M/C.
Acton stessing use of Neighborhood Watch and stating that Lake George area has it and crime is down by 50% in 3 years. Woman running the program is doing great job, we need it in Hayes Township. Stan Lewis from our planning commission is heading it up in Hayes Township. The internet is the key and getting reports to Stan will be a huge help in getting crime  down. He in turn reports immediately to the police. Check our website for further information.. 

Acton: For Updates on the roads in Clare County, go to "My County Roads.org" on the internet to see what's going on
with our roads and why. We will be assessing what our road millage money can be used for. . We will be using Clare County Transit  busses to go out access  the roads with a checklist to help with the observation. No paving can be done but some logical work will be done for "maintenance" on the roads, like drainage is problem and lower the berms somewhat. Complaints can be sent to Hayestownshipsupervisor@gmail.com Terry Acton will look into them and add them to the list.

Planning commission had a request to rezone property from Monkey Doo and Dinky Dink. They have gone thru all correct steps, the planning commission has turned it down and we have a resolution 13-13  written to refuse this rezoning. Motion by Acton that Hayes Township move forward with Resolution 13-13. Roll call Scherrer, here,
Austin, here Action here, Rood here, Dancer here. Following resolution will be offered by Terry Acton, Hayes Township Supervisor. Resolution was read in it's entirety by Acton to all. Acton made motion to rescend this resolution Second by Scherrer. Rood, yes, Dancer, yes ,Acton yes, Austin yes, Scherrer, yes. request for rezoning has been denied.

Board Request. Nancy Austin made request to approve wages for new, second deputy clerk who was recently hired. The office is being revamped and the regular deputy clerk is on regular 4 month vacation. Hundreds of files are being redone and organized, plus this is a month of training for complete computer system.
Rood made motion to accept wages of .75 an hour, with review after 90 day probation period second by Acton, all in favor M/C.

Public Comments: Betty inquired on telephone system. Charter will be coming soon.
8 x 8 Phone company does not respond to our phone calls nor maintain phone service.

Butch commented that an article in the paper stated that we should vote on the new hall. However the Township attorney said we cannot put it on the ballot as there is no tax increase,no milleage, no bonds, therefore we are not allowed put it on the ballot.
John Hood from Arnold Lake property Association thanked the Township on our cooperation with working with them which lead to good result.
Jeff inquired about us recording the minutes of all meetings. We will look into this and will decide at a future meeting.

Cindy from Hamilton Twp.commented on the Soccer Field. They will be completely out of debt this summer. Registration for the kids starts in March and will be .00.  Restrooms will be looked at for small repairs. Permission to purchase large banner will be looked into at the next meeting. A request to name the field in honor of Robert Friese,this will be discussed at the next workshop. 
Stone Soup will be moving their services from St. Anthanasius to the Senior Center on Grant at the end of January. We will look into this matter asap.

8:30 pm: Adjournment: Motion to adjourn by Scherrer, Second by Dancer. M/C 
Nancy Austin, Hayes Twp. Clerk

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