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April 2014 Minutes

Unapproved Minutes, APRIL 15, 2014

7:00 PM.  Meeting called to order:  by Supervisor Terry Acton
Pledge of Allegiance:  Respected and said by all in attendance
Roll call of officers:  Terry Acton, Maye Rood, Lee Dancer, John Scherrer, Nancy Austin
  All Present    Absent:  none

Public Comments:
 Jim Gelios: Engineering study being done on parking lot by the county bldg.
 Road commission is to receive $232,000 for winter road repair out of $100,000 million
 the state has supposed to have saved. Harrison health park of 26,000 sq ft. Is all set
 with the funding on it.  
 Health ranking of Clare County for 2010 was ranked at 82 out of 82, and for 2012 was
ranked 72 out of 82, according to the University of Wisconsin, as they do a health ranking
 study.  And that may be part of why we are getting the new Harrison Health Park.
Friday the Vet Freedom Hall ground breaking is at 2 p.m.
 Census bureau....2006 to 2011 with net loss of 460 residents.  
 Air Port restaurant is to now open May 1st of 2014. Building next to it will definitely be  
       demolished soon.
 Bob’s party store, Jim Gelios had heard someone bought it, did not know anything else.

G.  Officer Pat Bolander:  400 plus incidents this month, House fires were associated with
wood burners, Property Checks are being kept up as are Traffic Stops; Meth is
always on the agenda to shut down.
Officer Bolander will be at the Neighborhood Watch meeting this coming Thursday and
 helps Stan Lewis administer the program and set up the website.  Jerry Becker is to
put on a fire extinguisher training program; things that will surprise you. Thank you Jerry!  
Public Comments:  none
Consent Agenda Section:
Motion by Dancer to approve, 2nd by Acton ,with one correction made by Maye Rood. It
should say have said, for up to two days of training for her.  All in favor aye,  M/C
Department Reports:
Rod Williams....174 cases open, closed 52. He catches folks who build on weekends,
 on Mondays and Tuesdays and issues a citation then, could have cost $25 for a permit,
 citations are then $50.  Rod working on Dangerous Building Project.  Registered mail
will be sent out to property owners to correct problems on structures that are a haven for
 danger and drug activity. If nothing is done by the property owner, if it is abandoned the
 township will put a lien on the property and take care of it.

Legislation will be in effect in the near future where if a resident wants a complicated
zoning change, a cost will need to be paid up front (a bond filed with the clerk) if it costs
the township money the resident will need to pay the cost to the Township. The last
 complicated rezoning     request cost the township $3,800 and this is not going to occur
 again!  The bond to be paid, does not mean that the zoning request will be passed.
 Regular zoning requests will maintain the standard fee.
Unfinished Business :  
Rescind resolution 13-01 13-02 and (11-08) for taxes. Maye Rood explain that 13-01 &
13-02 were duplicates pertaining to her salary.  A previous resolution was found that
 already covered It. 11-08 is resolution for taxes of (over and under) amount on taxes that
 needs to be resolved. It costs more to straighten out these small amounts, so she is asking
 to rescind the resolution and her office will do the work to refund all the small amounts.
 According to MTA the resolution     11-08 was not proper. Motion to rescind 13-01, 13-02,
11-08 by Terry Acton, Second by John Scherrer.  Roll Call: Dancer, yes, Rood, yes, Acton,
 yes, Austin, yes, Scherrer, yes.  M/C.
B)    Bus trip to view township roads will be within a month. We have some thousands of dollars
 to use for improving roads, (not paving) roads.  Public is welcome to come along and view
Township roads,make notes and discuss. Date chosen will be May 13,  1:00 pm ,Tuesday and alternate
 date is Thursday, May 22,@ 1:00 pm.  Motion by Terry Acton that the Board Members and the Public meet to access the roads on a bus trip,
 Second by Maye Rood, all in favor, M.C.
C)  Raises were approved last month for maintenance and the deputy treasurer. Motion to
make retroactive to January 1, 2014, by Terry Acton, Second by John Scherrer, all in favor
 aye, M/C
D)  Planning Commission:  Tracy Lee has not attended meetings in over a year.  Motion by
 Terry Acton, to remove Tracy Lee , Second by Maye Rood, all in favor, M/C.  Two people
 Already expressed an interest in being on the Planning Commission which is very important     Commission to be on for the Township.
E)  Municipal Insurance is the insurance for the whole township. A company in Gladwin is giving
 us a quote shortly and pointed a few things that we were not covered for.  Motion to pay
Municipal Insurance for the year it includes a choice of terrorism premium which will be tabled
 for now. Motion by Terry Acton to approve to agree to pay $13,525.00 now, Second by John
 Scherrer, all in favor aye. M/C.
F)  Neighborhood Watch - meeting is on Thursday the 17th. of April with pulled pork for
 enticement to attend.  : )  
New Business:  
 AT&T Phone service to be removed from the Civic Center and the Park.  It will be
kept at the Community Center; will be needed for Voting purposes. Motion by Terry Acton to
Remove phone service from the civic center and the park, Second by John Scherrer, all if
favor, aye. M/C
B)  Waste Management: Dumpster to clean out the Civic Center.
Motion by Maye Rood to get a dumpster to clean out the civic center, second by Terry Acton,
 All in favor, aye M/C.
C)  Resolution  # 13-15 to proceed with the design development phase by Goudreau &
 Associates. Motion by Terry Acton to approve Resolution #13-15, Second by Maye Rood.
Roll Call: Scherrer,yes, Austin, yes, Acton, yes, Rood, yes, Dancer, yes.  Supervisor
 declares resolution accepted.
D)  Michigan Chloride Sales ...has gone up 3/4 of a cent...for brining roads. They do an
 outstanding job for the township.  Motion by John Scherrer to stay with Michigan Chloride
 with the 3/4 of a cent raise and with 3 complete brining’s; Second by Terry Acton, all in favor,
 aye  M/C.
E)  Truegreen Services ...does the chemical work on the soccer field, does an excellent job.
 Motion by Maye Rood to accept the contract ,with payment being as services rendered,
Second by Terry Acton,all in favor, aye M/C
Board Requests:  
 Rod Williams : Change salary pay to hourly pay for Zoning position.  Pay plan now is
complicated.  Motion by Maye Rood to change Rod Williams from salary for his zoning work
 and to make his hourly to $13.26 an hour for both the zoning position and for his ordinance
 position. Plus he will get the $20 per case. Second by Terry Acton, all in favor, aye. M/C
Public Comments:
Betty suggests that an attorney should review the new insurance policy to make sure all is
 correct. Terry Acton stated that a proposal is in the paper for those to review. If 10% of the
voting residence were against this proposal they would sign the petition then the proposal
 would go to a vote for the new building. As of yet, no one has signed the petition.
USDA has told us there is no problem. We are approved for the loan and hopefully we
will break ground this summer.  We are waiting for the engineering results on the
 geo thermo heat. The roof is leaking now and mold is in the bathrooms. The building will
 remain closed.
Wes inquired about a dumpster for recycling.  Maye had said when we have the new
Building, we will be looking into the recycling project for the township.
Vicky wanted to know about the Cranberry Lake Assessment. Terry Acton said she needs
 to talk to Carl Parks of the Drain Commission. $92,000 is in excess reserves now for
 Cranberry Lake and the monies could/should be taken from that. They need to find out
 from Carl Parks when the next assessment is due.  When the SAD is renewed a vote
 should be taken. A Lake Improvement Board needs to be addressed regarding this matter.
MDOT meeting is set for May 18th, on Monday at 3 p.m.  So come on in and bring
your questions.  They will bring in some information about the roads.
Lee Dancer inquired about a flag for Fir rd. Park.  Neighbor wants one up there, he will
 pay for it if need be. Terry will look into the situation, a flag should be there. Sometimes
 flags are stolen.
Next Workshop meeting...we need to consider the driveway by our office as a one way
 with signs posted. Exiting is dangerous.

“Thank you” to the Planning Commission and the Parks and Recreation Commission for
 all the important work they are doing this year for the township!  

Adjournment:  8:10 p.m.   Motion to adjourn by John Scherrer, Second by Lee Dancer,
 All ayes. M/C.

Nancy Austin/Hayes Township Clerk

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