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March 2014 Minutes

       Unapproved Minutes MARCH 18TH, 2014

7:00 p.m.          Meeting called to order by Supervisor, Terry Acton
Pledge of Allegiance:  Respected by all in attendance
Roll Call of Officers:  Terry Acton, aye,  Maye Rood, aye,  Lee Dancer, aye,  John
      Scherrer, aye, Nancy Austin, aye.  All present
Public Comments:  Terry Acton announced at the beginning of the meeting that he will
run for office this year. A lot of work still needs to get done.  Jim Gelios: County Commissioner Representative for City of Harrison and Northeast Section of Hayes Township. Commented that
  Mid. Mich. Health build is going along alright. Three buildings by the sheriffs dept. will be
  completely gone soon and vehicles moved to the old transit bldg. by the airport.  County Bldg.
security is the same, good with sheriff dept. next door and security cameras are in use.  
  Officer Pat Bolander reported: 400 plus incidents reported, heavy traffic stops, lots of fires due
  to wood and improper venting, car larcenies in Dancer Subdivision, keeping doors locked helps
  to deter problems. A lot of domestic problems in area. Extra drive bys by police were asked for
  when certain businessís were closing late at night. Officer said it will be taken care of.
  Trooper Michael White of Michigan State Police: He does community service work and will be
  at the Neighborhood Watch to assist Stan in anyway possible to get the program rolling well
  in a safe manner. Stan is ready to roll on this and is administer of this safety program.
Consent Agenda:  Motion by Terry Acton to accept agenda, Second by John Scherrer.  All
in favor, M/C.
Department Reports:  none   Unfinished Business:  none
New Business:  Terry Acton explained that a legal firm was needed to write this Bond that
manages the loan needed for the new build.  The Bond is the loan. The loan will be for 30
years, but Jackie from Rural Development states it could be a 40 yr. loan, so this needs to
be resolved quickly and will be done soon.  Michael from Thrun Law firm states that this project
can be taken to the township for a vote.  With further contact with the Township attorney, Mr.
Fahey, states that if 10% of the registers voters sign a petitition then it goes to a referendum
and it will go to a vote.  Terry Acton feels that if itís a 30 yr loan, he canít in good conscience
be comfortable with that amount of loan for 2.6 million. If we have to dial back the build to
reduce the cost we can do so without having to start all over. The question is should we do this,
we need new offices and new Community Building; should we put the township in debt for 30
 or 40 yrs. The money is available to make the payments. Worse case scenario is 2.6 million, but
we can pull out of the loan at any time before the papers are signed if the bids are not suitable.
The interest right now is 4.375% with payments of 0,000 a year for 40 yrs, or 0,000 a
year for 30 years. We spent about ,000, tax money, to keep the building going with utilities.
A loss of 8,000 over the past 10 yrs for the Community Building, income versus expenses.
The community would so far like plan A, we all want the best, but if it needs to be scaled back
it will be done. In the paper articles will be run for 7 weeks for all to read and respond to.
We will be fine with whatever the outcome is on this project. It is not a building for the township
board, it is for elections, for the community to use, for a place in case of disasters, for the
children. Before anything is signed, the public will know the figures and facts. If the project
collapses we then owe the attorneys and nothing.
Motion for the board to approve Thrun law firm to write our bond., made by Terry Acton,
Second by Maye Rood.  Roll call: Sherrer, yes, Austin, yes, Acton, yes, Rood, yes,
Dancer, yes. M/C.

  Terry Acton read Resolution 13-14 to all in attendance for Notice of Intent to Issue Bonds
  Resolution for 2014 Capital Improvement Bonds. Motion made by Maye Rood to
  Second by      Roll call:  Acton, yes, Rood, yes, Dancer, yes, Scherrer, yes,
  Austin, yes. M/C.
  Exhibit A was read by Terry Acton to all in attendance and it needs to run in the
  newspaper for 45 days, on quarter page.

Board Requests: Clerk Nancy Austin requests the approval of .75 for new Deputy
Clerk, as Cid is not able to work original hours assigned, with increases after probation period.
Motion by John Scherrer to approve,Second by Terry Acton.  Colleen has done a good job for
us but we need full time employees now to serve the townshiip properly. Employee wage increase
for maintenance employees and for Deputy Treasurer.  Annual raises were eliminated previously
due to new policies set back In January of 2014. Annual raises need to be implemented for good
work done. The Civic Center needs to be organized as it is loaded with years old paper work that
all need to be put in filing cabinets, sorted and/or purged. Terry Acton has been getting free
cabinets from Lansing. Motion to approve wage increase by Maye Rood, Second by Terry Acton.
To increase Rick from .50 to .00, take Tim from .00 to .25 and Cindy from
.25 to .75  Roll call: Dancer,yes, Scherrer, yes Austin, yes, Acton, yes, Rood yes,
Motion Carried.
Maye Rood gave presentation of numerous work projects that have being implemented in the
office since August 2013. The list is on display in the office, including Cemetary map on
computer and for the public, done by Cid, election classes, voting cards done by Karen
 and many more.
  Maye Rood request from the Board, another day of training with BS&A in the office, @
the cost of 50 to finish her financial training.  Motion to approve by Terry Acton,
Second by John Scherrer, all ayes, M/C.
Public Comments:  Senior Center questions: Public heard it is moving April 1st.  Terry
Acton said it is operated by the County, not by the Township. If the Senior Center moves we
will shut the Community Bldg. down and keep it for voting purposes only.
Neighborhood Watch: Stan will be heading the meeting on Thursday, night @ 7 pm, hoping
  many will attend with a friend.
  Adjournment: 8:22 p.m.  Motion to adjourn by John Scherrer, Second by Lee Dancer,
All ayes, M.C.

Nancy Austin
Hayes Township Clerk
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