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Feb 2014 Minutes

FEBRUARY 18, 2014

7:00 PM          Meeting called to order by Terry Acton
                     Pledge of Allegiance by all in attendance

Roll Call:      Lee Dancer, Nancy Austin, John Scherrer, Maye Rood, Terry Acton.
                All present.   Absent: none

Public Comments:
Jim Gelios: Gave report on elevators at County Bldg., inspectors said if it goes out it
will need to be replaced, not repaired.  Airport restaurant should be open soon in early
March. Pure Michigan website has had more than 9 million hits on itís website , more
than Florida and Hawaii, would be nice if we had more programs in Harrison to get some
more of the revenue here.
            The Landfill in the city has been investigated by 4 experts and has passed inspection.
          Some odors do happen, it is governed by the DEQ. And there is nothing that can be done
          about the occasional odors.
   Officer Pat Bolander couldnít attend.  Terry Acton reported that crime statistics are lower
          this past month but itís mostly due to the cold weather.   

          Consent Agenda:  
          Unapproved minutes of December 17, 2013 (missed in Jan. Meeting)
          Unapproved minutes of January 21, 2014
          Bills to be paid, Bills paid prior, Treasurerís report, Fire Dept. report, Sheriffís report.
          Motion to approve the Consent Agenda by Scherrer, Second by Acton, all aye, M/C.
          Terry Acton commented about buildings sitting empty with no insurance on them.
          If a home is paid for ,insurance is not required to be kept.  This can be a burden
          on the township if a fire occurs or building is left abandoned.  Joel Johnson is looking
          into legislation to require insurance on all properties, no matter what.  If a house burns
          down now and no insurance is in place, the township usually gets stuck with the
          responsibility for the clean up. This is serious, costly and needs to be taken care of.
Correspondence:   none
Department Reports:  Rod Williams (Ordinance and Zoning) Working on 142 active
complaints, completed 32.  Attended MTA conference and will be attending another for
flood plain conference. Constant barking dog issues: letter are sent and then fines will be
issued that increase until issue is taken care of by owner.
Unfinished Business:  a) Township Jeep repairs for Rod Williams . Motion by Acton
to approve needed repairs costing approx. 00., instead of buying another vehicle,
Second by Scherrer, all aye, M/C.  b) Geo Thermo Feasibility Study for the new construction,
Costing 00 incorporated into the loan.  Heating bills on present bldgs. are astronomical now.  
Motion to approve by Scherrer, Second by Acton, All ayes, M/C.,  c) Soccer Field: Request to
name field in honor of PVC Robert Friese. We can do that but this is put on hold as the Veterans
Park in the City, may be named after PVC Friese.  The Soccer Field could be in honor of all
veterans with a nice plague, including their names.  d) New IP server for Townhall
Office, present IP system keeps changing and delaying office production. Previous quotes were  
thought to be 00 to 00, but are actually ,000 to ,000. Jim VanWormer to get new
quotes asap before next meeting.

New Business:  a) The requesting of rezoning of property can be costly to the township for
legal fees and meetings held.
Terry Acton made motion to amend existing ordinance to include the regular costs of permits,  
plus special costs set according to each situation.  Attorney Fahey will write amendment to
the existing ordinance.  Motion by Rood to approve, second by Acton. All aye, MC.
b) Requests to purchase new digital recorder for meetings by clerk, Nancy Austin.
This helps with notes, being able to vote. The public sometimes uses records/ video cameras.
Cost is minimal, no vote needed.
Board Requests: Clare County Review printed an article by Charles Carter regarding the
Townships Treasurer.  Maye Rood addressed her salary, how it is broken down, the cost if the
county were to do a portion of what she does. Figures were presented for all to view. With
thorough investigation it seems no person named Charles Carter even exists. On a lighter note
Deputy Clerk (Cid ) and Deputy Treasurer Clerk (Cindy) are both doing well in training with
learning the Clerk and Treasurer responsibilities in case of emergency.  Deputy
Clerk (Colleen ) will be updated on the new system, payables and payroll when she returns.
 Maye works 40 to 60 hours to bring the system where it should be.  We all work well
 together; even more so with the new computer system allowing Terry and Nancy to help
 with tax information and phone calls.
Public Comments:
           Weather Station:  Still needs to be repaired.  Cost is approximately 00 and is
needed especially by pilots flying in the area.  Terry Acton is to meet with surrounding
townships to see if they will share the expense of the repairs.  The Siren is still out
of commission and will also be brought up in future meetings to get repaired for the safety
of the community.

Adjournment:  8:02 pm  Motion to adjourn by Scherrer, Second by Dancer, all eye, M/C.

Nancy Austin, Clerk
Hayes Township

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